Is your child interested in going on a Birthright Israel trip? Have they discussed trip options with you or when they plan to go? For many of today’s young Jews, a Birthright Israel trip is the first independent Jewish decision they make. Whether your child has discussed details of their upcoming journey with you or just said, “Hey mom, I’m going to Israel,” you can rest assured the program is approved by parents everywhere. We’ve got over two decades of life-changing experiences under our belts and nearly 40,000 supporters who believe in this gift.

Here’s What Birthright Israel Parents Have to Say

“My son and daughter had the most enlightening experience tracing their roots in our homeland. Birthright Israel and its contributors have a special place in heaven. Our family is so happy that our children have experienced what so many brothers and sisters deserve at least once in a lifetime. Of course, all they have spoken about now is when they can go back!”
Stephen Bariss
Northfield, NJ

“My daughter found every reason not to go on Birthright Israel. Then she graduated from college and had the most amazing awakening experience of her life on the trip. No, she didn’t become religious. She connected to her Jewish identity, and it changed the course of her life. Today she’s a proud Jew.”

“One of my daughters was lucky enough to have made the trip. She said it was the most amazing experience of her life. I’m sure I speak for MANY supporters in encouraging you and wishing anyone going in the future great success on their trip.”
Neil Blitz
Jamestown, RI

“You are going to have an amazing time! Try to enjoy every minute and always remember what Israel meant to you during this trip. My children will never forget how amazing their Birthright Israel trip was, and neither will you! Enjoy!”
Julie Gaughan
East Northport, NY

“My son went on Birthright Israel and he had the most wonderful time. He said all the people he met made him feel so joyous about his heritage. He is 30 now and talks about it all the time.”
Cynthia Smith
Glenside, PA

“This experience was life-changing for my son. What a beautiful gift Birthright Israel is. He experienced his roots and even got Bar Mitzvah there! After his trip, he decided to go to graduate school in Israel.”
Sheree Berkley
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“My son went in December before the pandemic and this was such a positive and wonderful time for him. And now we can feel hope again after a long pandemic challenge and what better way to welcome that with a life-changing Birthright Israel trip. All the best to the future participants and I know my son would say the same.”

“When my daughter got to Israel, she told me that she realized, wow, these are my people!”
Debbie Newhouse
Los Altos Hills, CA

“This trip surprised my daughter, who almost didn’t go…She felt drawn to the people and the country once she did. She had great fun and felt a connection and a love for Israel she never expected. She went on her own, which scared her, but she made friends easily. A year later, when she was faced with a mandatory evacuation of her town because of a hurricane, she called one of the participants out of the blue because she knew they lived inland from her. That person immediately said, ‘come stay with me; I have a couch!'”
Anne Brown

“My son and a friend’s daughter went on Birthright Israel and now have a connection to Israel that will be with them forever. Another of my son’s friends is now leading a camp trip to Israel. My college co-op experience led to two years living in seaside Haifa, post-college. Who knows where this trip will lead our children! Best on your travels!”
Phyllis Bloom
Sudbury, MA

Are You a Parent of a Birthright Israel Participant?

If yes, we want to know what you thought of your child’s trip! We encourage you to take a moment and share with us any thoughts you may have on our parent page. You can even check out all of the benefits of becoming a Birthright Israel parent and learn the importance of paying it forward.