Dear Partners & Supporters,

This year, instead of asking why this night is different from any other night, we may be asking ourselves, “why is this Passover different from any other in history?” The answer is that more people than ever before are sharing a “virtual” Seder with family and friends. In the true spirit of community and faith, we’ve found a way to come together, even when we must celebrate far apart.

During this special Passover season, I want to thank you for helping young Jewish adults discover a stronger connection to their heritage through Birthright Israel. Because of generous friends like you, more young people are celebrating Passover this year, embracing the traditions of our people and feeling a profound connection to our roots.

I hope everyone you’re sharing this holiday with feels a connection to the rituals of Passover.

On Passover and every day of the year, Birthright Israel Foundation is grateful for you. Thank you for helping to strengthen our community…and for ensuring that the next generation has an everlasting connection to their Jewish identity.

Chag Pesach Sameach and may you and your family stay safe and healthy.

– Izzy Tapoohi