In a little over 18 years thousands and thousands of young Jewish adults from San Francisco to San Diego, California have experienced the once-in-a-lifetime educational trip of Birthright Israel. Many visit Israel for the first time and feel the warmth of community by interacting with Israelis, but most of all they gain a deeper sense of their Jewish identity that lasts forever.

Read for yourself what participants from California say about their Birthright Israel trip:

California Group Photo in the Negev, 2018

Because of Birthright Israel I’ve found a way to connect to my Jewish heritage in a way I never thought possible.
– Alicia, San Jose, CA

I’m thankful for this life-changing experience because now I have a whole new pride and appreciation for Israel. I learned so much not just about the country’s history, politics and people, but also about myself. I felt so much love and openness – my hope is to carry that with me wherever I go and in whatever I do.
– Khaida, Long Beach, CA

I will cherish meeting the soldiers and making new friends on my Birthright Israel trip. The Western Wall also was memorable for me and left me with so many emotions. I think my entire Birthright experience will be a memory worth keeping in my heart.
– Emily, La Mesa, CA

I am very thankful that I am more connected to Israel and Judaism because of this trip. In the United States, I have faced antisemitism. I was bullied over the Holocaust and none of my teachers cared. But I felt so incredibly safe in Israel, it felt like home. The soldiers were incredibly nice and welcoming. I am also thankful that this trip made me feel so proud to be a Jew. Thank you for allowing me to go on this wonderful trip.
– Jacqueline, Carlsbad, CA

California Group Dead Sea Collage, 2018