On July 10, 2022, Birthright Israel Foundation kicked off our 2022 Mission, bringing the magic of Birthright Israel to life for our 50 donors who joined us from the United States, Canada, and South Africa. From the moment we landed in Israel, the excitement was incredible. Our donors came from all over the United States to experience the gift they so generously provided to our participants up close and personal. With a full itinerary, our donors took off on a Birthright Israel-inspired journey of their very own.

“The mission was a great experience for Matthew and I. It only confirmed why I plan to be a long term donor to Birthright Israel Foundation. This is an outstanding organization with wonderful people and an important mission.”
Mark Madderra, New Orleans, LA
Parent & Supporter

“Meeting other supporters was key for me, especially hearing how they came to be involved and why. The common thread being the importance of our Jewish State to the Jewish people and the absolute complete necessity of ensuring that our young adults learn and then act upon being Jewish and by loving and supporting our homeland.”
Sharon Socol, Miami, FL
Co-Chair, Miami Ambassador Council

Together with our exceptional staff and tour educators, donors shared a special Shehecheyanu blessing on the Tayelet overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. The magic surrounded them, and each time they spoke with Birthright Israel participants, they were inspired by their experiences connecting to each other, their Jewish identities, and the State of Israel. The group also grew even more committed to making sure this gift is available for generations to come.

Over five days, the mission participants traveled across Israel, visiting Birthright Israel groups, Onward Israel participants, Excel Fellows, and meeting with dignitaries, including Ambassador Khaled Yousif al-Jalahama, the first Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the State of Israel. 

“We had a very nice time on the mission. As always, it is so impressive how much impact Birthright Israel has on such a broad array of young Jews from around the world, as well as on Israelis and Israel itself.”
Laurence Goldfarb, Delray Beach, FL
Parent & Supporter

“The mission exceeded all of my expectations. It was the perfect blend of giving us exposure to Birthright, Onward and Excel participants as well as directly experiencing similar activities as trip participants. And most importantly, it was a great opportunity to bond with 50 other like minded and committed donors. Kudos to the BRIF professionals for having organized a fabulous and memorable mission.”
Phil de Toledo, Los Angeles, CA
Board Chair & Parent

We were honored to be joined by Dr. Miriam Adelson as we celebrated the incredible legacy of her husband, Sheldon Adelson (z’l). We spent time at the Ramat David Air Force base and had the pleasure of hearing from alumni from Birthright Israel’s Mifgash participants. Mission participants learned about the program’s impact on Israelis and learned that that connecting with young Diaspora Jews was just as impactful for Israelis as it was for the Diasporans. 

One of the highlights of the 2022 Mission was Birthright Israel’s Mega Event. The group gathered in Tel Aviv for a special pre-reception with donors from around the globe before dancing the night away with thousands of participants. 

Birthright Israel Foundation is thankful to our dedicated supporters for joining us on this once-in-a-lifetime mission to Israel.

2022 Mission to Israel Photos