My husband and I met on our Birthright Israel trip in January 2011. We were a grade apart at Union College and applied for the trip through the Hillel. Greg has said that he was instantly attracted to me ever since the initial meeting in the Hillel board room (though he likely won’t admit that publicly!) We became friends on the trip but didn’t feel a romantic connection until afterward.

Down the road, we coincidentally ended other casual relationships around the same time, reconnected, and haven’t spent a day apart (figuratively) since! Fast forward a few years and we have a six-month-old baby boy, Ari, and are trying to make Judaism a large (or, trying to make it a larger) part of our lives. We belong to a Synagogue close to us and make a consistent effort to do Shabbos since Ari has made his entry to the world! 

We currently live in Astoria and are members of Astoria Center of Israel, a conservative Synagogue in Queens. I’m a palliative care nurse practitioner and Greg is the Director of Monetization Solutions for a large media company.