Levi Snow and Megan McKee do not have the traditional Birthright Israel love story. Before their trip in 2014, the two had already been dating and met through the Indiana University Hillel. Their journey helped solidify their love for her each other.

They both signed up for Birthright Israel at the beginning of their relationship, not knowing what the future held for them. Megan shared that committing to an international trip was a risk since their relationship was relatively new.

However, going on Birthright Israel during college was a no-brainer for both Megan and Levi. They both knew a Birthright Israel trip was an opportunity they didn’t want to miss during college and a way to meet other young Jewish adults. The trip for Megan would be her first visit to Israel, and she hoped to deepen her connection to the Jewish homeland.

One of the most significant takeaways for Megan and Levi was meeting the Israeli soldiers who joined their group as part of the Mifgash. “We are each still connected on social media with the Israeli soldiers from our bus. I remember comparing their lives and ours and feeling in awe that they were all part of the military and had experienced so much at the same young age as us,” shared Megan. She also told us that she had met Israelis before but having them involved in their Birthright Israel trip was a bonus.

Megan also spoke about how Birthright Israel is a really important experience for her and her peers to have. “It’s a critical time in our lives to establish a strong connection to our Jewish identities before we go off into the world as ‘real adults’.”

And of course, both Megan and Levi are extremely grateful for the experience — especially being able to experience Israel with other students and staff from Indiana University.

Levi and Megan were married on October 3, 2021, and live in Indianapolis. Megan works as a speech-language pathologist, and Levi works as an IT auditor. They both enjoy exercising, trying new restaurants, and cheering on the Hoosiers in sports! Megan loves reality tv and exploring new coffee shops, while Levi loves to play ultimate frisbee and participates in recreational volleyball and kickball leagues.