Alumni Trip Highlights

Mike Boulrice Takes a Deep Dive Into His Jewish Heritage & More on Birthright Israel

Alumnus Mike Boulrice did not discover his Jewish heritage until adulthood and through Birthright Israel's targetted advertising, learned of the trip's pilot program for 27-32-year-olds. Mike quickly signed up, despite opposition on social media for traveling to Israel, and began a deep dive into his Jewish heritage. Q&A with Mike Boulrice What inspired you to sign up for a Birthright… Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Video: Accessibility Participant Adam Shapiro Shares His Birthright Israel Experience

Adam Shapiro is a 2022 Birthright Israel alumnus who participated in an accessibility trip for those on the Autism spectrum. In the video and interview below, you'll meet Adam and hear why he loved his Birthright Israel experience and what he learned while in Israel. My name is Adam Shapiro. I live in Huntington, Long Island, New York. I am… Read More 
Alumni Leadership & Supporters

Meet Aaron Leff: Birthright Israel Alumnus, Staffer & Los Angeles Lay Leader

For many of our more than 800,000 alumni, Birthright Israel is often the first independent Jewish decision they make. Some of our participants come to the experience with little connection to Judaism or Israel and some come to the experience with a hunger to learn more about their history, their homelands, and themselves. For 2008 alumnus, Aaron Leff, Birthright Israel… Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Texas A&M Student Noah Friedman Talks Birthright Israel

Noah Friedman is a 2022 Birthright Israel alumnus from San Antonio, TX. He is currently a sophomore chemistry major at Texas A&M University. At campus, Noah is a leader at the Hillel and is also involved with MOVE Texas, a progressive grassroots student organization focused on increasing voter registration. Noah is outspoken on issues that face the Jewish community, and… Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Julia Pratt: Onward Israel Made Me Who I Am

It’s simple: I am the person I am today because of Onward Israel. Growing up, I was a handful, especially when it came to being Jewish. If there was a world record for the number of times someone faked being sick to stay home from Hebrew school, I would hold it. In fact, if you asked my Rabbi who was… Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Q&A with University of Kansas Student Jake Niefeld

Birthright Israel alumnus Jake Niefeld is currently a student at the University Kansas studying Spanish Education. He's originally from Minneapolis, MN, and absolutely loves to be outdoors. Jake also enjoys playing his guitar and any kind of sport, most specifically, Ultimate Frisbee. In our interview below, we caught up with Jake and wanted to know why he thought Birthright Israel… Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Meet Photographer and LA Birthright Israel Alum Levi Meir Clancy

Levi Meir Clancy was born in Los Angeles, CA, and is of Ashkenazi and Okinawan descent. Levi's work, passions, and hobbies are all one and the same. He explained that growing up with a minority’s perspective on survival from both sides of his family — an estimated one-third to one-half of Okinawans perished in atrocities during World War II —… Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Meet Birthright Israel and Onward Israel Alum Caleb Esrig

Caleb Esrig grew up in New Rochelle, NY, where he attended Solomon Schechter School of Westchester (now The Leffell School), where he first developed his passion for Judaism. For college, Caleb attended Harvard, where he studied Economics and worked closely with Combined Jewish Philanthropies and the Harvard Hillel. Today, Caleb works as an associate consultant in Bain & Company's New… Read More 

Jacob Babbin on Doing Birthright Israel with Non-Verbal Learning Disability

Jacob Babbin is a 2022 Birthright Israel alumnus with Non-Verbal Learning Disability (NVLD). Non-Verbal Learning Disability is when people struggle with various conditions that include social and spatial disabilities. Jacob knew about the Birthright Israel program but thought he would not be a good fit because of his disability. Nonetheless, Jacob pushed himself to sign up and was elated with… Read More 
Alumni Leadership & Supporters

5 Things Moms Love About Birthright Israel

You'd guess right if you guessed that Jewish mothers are some of Birthright Israel's biggest fans and Birthright Israel Foundation's most devoted supporters. For over two decades, Jewish moms and grandmothers have encouraged their offspring to sign up for Birthright Israel. They know that a peer-led experience in Israel encourages their children to find their own connections to the land… Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

Video: How Birthright Israel Ignited My Never Ending Love Affair with Israel

Coming from a mixed family, with what many might call an unorthodox Jewish upbringing, I’m probably the last person you’d expect to dedicate my professional and much of my personal life to advocating for the Jewish people and Israel. I grew up with a very unaffiliated Jewish father, a Chinese-American mother, and an uber-liberal, atheist Jewish grandmother. I always knew… Read More 

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