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Must Watch Videos: Staff and Participants Hope for a Transformative 2024 Summer

Birthright Israel's summer season is officially underway, which means thousands of young Jewish adults are ready to volunteer, bear witness, and connect to their Judaism and ancestral homeland like never before. Thanks to your generosity, 13,500 Jewish young adults will participate in our program offerings (classic 10-day trip, Onward and Excel). As many of our participants prepare to leave their… Read More 
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New Study Released: “Birthright Israel’s Impact in the Shadow of the Israel-Hamas War”

Since our program’s inception, the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis University has rigorously evaluated Birthright Israel’s impact on participants once they return home. New research from the Summer 2023 cohort underscores the transformative impact of Birthright Israel on our participants, particularly after October 7th. Compared to Birthright Israel applicants who did not participate on a trip last… Read More 
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Combating Campus Antisemitism: Six Birthright Israel Alumni Take Action

Antisemitism on college campuses has seen a sharp rise since 10/7, fueled by events like the encampment at Columbia University that spread across the US. Jewish students are witnessing administrations and peers tolerating, and endorsing, antisemitic rhetoric and support for Hamas terrorists. However, this has ignited a spirit of resilience. Birthright Israel alums, representing the program's diverse offerings — the… Read More 
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Watch How Birthright Israel Strengthens Jewish Communities Worldwide Following October 7

Six months ago, our world was forever changed.  We woke up on October 7 to the news that 1,200 innocent Israelis were murdered and 234 were kidnapped by Hamas.  Homes and families were destroyed as our homeland was under attack. Quickly, we understood the substantial impact these horrific attacks would have on Israeli society, its economy, and Jews around the world.… Read More 

How Birthright Israel Alum Talia Dror Sparked Change with Capitol Hill Testimony

My name is Talia Dror. I'm a student at Cornell studying Industrial and Labor Relations, with minors in business and legal policy. Like many of you who are reading this publication, I'm the child of a brave woman who fled her home country due to religious persecution. A story shared by so many Jewish people. I was raised as a… Read More 
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Bogens Host Touching Event in Support of Birthright Israel in Palm Beach

Roberta and Stanley Bogen generously opened their doors for Birthright Israel Foundation's annual Palm Beach event. Guests were treated to inspiring remarks by Roberta Bogen, Birthright Israel co-founder Charles Bronfman, and alumni, highlighting the program's profound impact. From Waitlist to Deep Friendship Chloe Bogen, a University of Texas at Austin graduate, captivated the audience with her story. Initially waitlisted for… Read More 

From NYC Apartment to Israeli Fields: How Volunteering Rekindled a Young Woman’s Love for Her Heritage

Curious about what draws a young Jewish adult to volunteer in Israel right now? In our interview below, we met Mollie Falk, who was eager to help Israel tangibly during this time. Mollie is a testament to the strength of the next generation. Tell us what initially drew you to volunteer in Israel with humanitarian efforts. Did you have specific… Read More 
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Beyond Sightseeing: How Birthright and Onward Deepened My Connection to Judaism and Israel

I always knew that I was going to go on a Birthright Israel at some point in my life. Growing up, Hebrew school instilled in me the importance of Israel, but something deeper always stirred within. Even practicing for my Bar Mitzvah couldn't quench my thirst for understanding. I currently attend Tulane University, whose vibrant Jewish community kept me connected,… Read More 
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From Bagels & Lox to Blue & White: How Birthright Ignited a Lifelong Connection to Israel

Sam Permutt, a 2005 Birthright Israel alum, never felt a true connection to Israel or his Jewish heritage. In our interview with Sam below, he shares how a desire to learn more about the geopolitics of the region drove him to participate in a Birthright Israel trip. Little did he know the trip would catapult his involvement in Jewish life… Read More 
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Soul on Fire: How Birthright Ignited My Love for Israel and Led Me Home

When people talk about their Birthright Israel success stories, you’ll usually hear about someone who had no previous connection to Israel returning with a newfound love for their homeland. My Birthright Israel experience, however, only intensified my existing love for Israel, so much that it led me to make the life-changing decision of making Aliyah all on my own two… Read More 
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Volunteering, Exploring, and Questioning: An Unfiltered Look at Israel

I was 22 years old when I went to Israel for the first time on a Birthright Israel Onward program for two months in Haifa. I volunteered with the children of Eritrean asylum seekers at an NGO called Aleph. My relationship with Israel waxed and waned throughout the years, from being immensely proud of the only Jewish nation to being… Read More 

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