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Birthright Israel: Seeing for Yourself

My name is Sophie Milstein, and I will share a tale of rediscovery with you. Here is how this will look: I will tell you my common experience being a Midwest American Jew. I will describe to you a likely familiar experience of lost connection. But stay with me; after all, this is a redemption story. I grew up in… Read More 
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Poll: Why Do You Support Birthright Israel Foundation?

Birthright Israel Foundation is fortunate to have supporters throughout the United States dedicated to helping provide young Jewish adults with transformative Israel experiences. Many of our donors give so that the next generation forms unbreakable bonds with the land and people of Israel while further strengthening their Jewish identity and connections with their Israeli peers. Whether a young Jewish adult… Read More 
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How an Investment in Birthright Israel Creates Jewish Pride

The easiest way to get someone to disappear is to make them feel ashamed of who they are. And the best way to combat hate is actually with pride. I understand both things as a Jew and a person of color. I grew up in the projects of Brooklyn, NY, to a dark-skinned Jamaican father and an Ashkenazi mother —… Read More 
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“Because of Birthright Israel, Judaism is completely infused throughout my life.”

Words cannot describe how dear Birthright Israel is to my heart. To understand why I have to give you context about me and my childhood. I grew up in Buckhead, an Atlanta neighborhood, and as close I was to the Jewish community, I had zero Judaism in my upbringing. I'm a sixth-generation Russian Orthodox Jew, but within the last two… Read More 
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How Swabbing Through Gift of Life on Birthright Israel Saved a Life

Why did you swab for Gift of Life on your Birthright Israel trip? Billy Richman: "I never questioned it. There are not many Jews in the world, and it can be very hard for a Jewish person to find another with matching DNA. Anything I can do to help others, Jewish or not, is a no-brainer. I was just telling… Read More 
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Meet Birthright Israel Alum & Supporter Brett Cooper

Brett Cooper is a 2009 Birthright Israel alum and Birthright Israel Foundation donor. He learned from his grandfather, Milton Cooper, that philanthropy is a must, as is taking care of the Jewish people. As parents, Brett and his wife Michelle hope that by paying it forward and helping other young Jews claim their birthright, they are making the world a… Read More 
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From IDF Solider to Birthright Israel Tour Educator, Meet Noa Tadmor

In 2004, Noa Tadmor was an IDF solider serving in Gaza when she was asked to join a Birthright Israel group as part of the Mifgash. Like many soldiers who are invited to join a trip, Noa was excited to have a few days off from her base and meet young Jews from the US. Noa felt a connection to… Read More 
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“It Was a Privilege to Go on Birthright Israel.”

Growing up, my family practiced Reform Judaism. I went to Sunday school and Hebrew school, attended high holiday services and observed other Jewish traditions. I have fond memories of dropping ping pong balls from the top of the staircase with my cousins. At the same time, we acted out the ten plagues during the Passover seder, going apple picking to… Read More 
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A Recap: My Birthright Israel Trip

My name is Jordy Goldstein, and I am a junior at Kent State University with a major in human development and family studies. I have loved traveling ever since I can remember. Throughout high school, I took every opportunity to travel, which was amazing. Everything always felt like a vacation. I honestly never knew one trip could change my life… Read More 
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Birthright Israel: A Powerful Experience

My name is Sammy, and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I graduated from High Point University with my Master’s Degree in Communication and Business Leadership, as well as receiving a Bachelor’s in Human Relations with a minor in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. In my free time, I love to volunteer, work out, and spend time with friends… Read More 
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Paying it Forward as a Jewish Mom and Birthright Israel Alum

It’s the day of my Bat Mitzvah, and I’m nervous. For all the usual reasons – What if I mess up the Hebrew? What if I open my mouth and nothing comes out? – and also because we’re running late. In more ways than one. I am 21 years old, going into my senior year of college. My sister and… Read More 

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