Alums Trip Highlights

From Law School to Leadership: How Birthright Ignited My Jewish Purpose

As a third-year law student at the University of Florida, I am constantly facing existential crises. Why am I here? What career path is best for me? What will my future be? But amidst the swirling doubts, one desire shines brightly: the yearning to help my Jewish community and make a difference in our world. Law school seemed like the… Read More 
Alums Trip Highlights

Israel: Beyond the Headlines, Into My Heart (Thanks to Birthright)

Birthright was my first time in Israel, and in 2016, it changed my life. Since then, Birthright has become a vital organization in my life. Here's why: I embarked on my Birthright Israel journey when I was 19 years old with two close Jewish friends and 40 new lifelong friends I had not met yet. What I didn’t expect when… Read More 

From Track Star to Skeleton Slider: Birthright Alum Jared Firestone’s Olympic Dream for Team Israel

Jared Firestone, a 33-year-old former track athlete from Miami Beach, has traded his running shoes for a skeleton sled on a remarkable journey toward the 2026 Olympics. His passion for representing Israel ignited in his youth and rekindled by a Birthright Israel trip, now takes him down exhilarating and treacherous ice tracks head-first at 80 miles per hour! Jared's athletic… Read More 
Alums Trip Highlights

350 Young Adults Will Participate in Birthright Israel Trips This Month

Birthright Israel is thrilled to welcome 350 young adults from primarily the U.S. on our classic 10-day trip this month, marking the program’s welcomed return after a temporary hiatus following the October 7th terrorist attack. These participants will join the vibrant community of 850,000 Birthright Israel alums who have discovered their heritage and deepened their connection to Israel since the… Read More 
Alums Trip Highlights

“Only One Home”: A Song of Resilience After October 7th’s Shadow

Following the October 7th attack, siblings Ally and Daniel Rodnunsky turned to music as a refuge and a way to express their solidarity with the Jewish community and Israel. "Only One Home," their powerful song born from pain, brings awareness to the tragedy while offering solace to those affected. "Israel has always held a special place in my heart," shares… Read More 
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“Israel stitched friendships and memories forever woven into my Jewish identity”

My name is Nicole Lucas; I am a Junior at Washington University in St. Louis (originally from Chicago) studying Global Health and Biology, hoping to become a physician. I am President of WashU’s AEPhi chapter, a research intern at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, and a volunteer at senior centers running improv workshops with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. My parents have been involved… Read More 
Alums Trip Highlights

Hineini: My Quest to Embody and Find Humanity in War-Torn Israel

On October 7th, inhumane acts were committed against Israelis who, as a Jew, I consider extensions of my own family. These atrocities took place in a land that I consider a second home, the place where my soul resides. We have all experienced loss and heartbreak in our lives but on this day, something much deeper within me was broken,… Read More 
Alums Leadership & Supporters Trip Highlights

United Under the Israeli Sun: How Birthright Israel Became a Beacon of Solidarity in 2023

In 2023, Birthright Israel witnessed an extraordinary outpouring of connection and resilience. Over 27,000 young Jewish adults embarked on transformative journeys, immersing themselves in Israel’s vibrant culture and rich history through our programs. These programs, be they the classic 10-day trip, Onward or Excel, were more than just sightseeing; they sparked personal growth and ignited a sense of belonging to… Read More 
Alums Trip Highlights

Video: Inside Birthright Israel Onward’s Volunteer Program

Following the horrific October 7th attack, Birthright Israel Onward invited alums of all Birthright Israel programs and any young Jewish adult aged 18-40 to apply to volunteer in Israel. This program invites Jewish young adults to participate in the shared value of Arvut Hadadit (mutual responsibility) through volunteerism. In the video below, we invite you to meet several of the… Read More 

Show Your Jewishness

As I write this, I’m looking at my hand, where scattered flecks of cobalt blue trace the outline of a Magen David. While this could be an ad for waterproof blue eyeliner – the pigment clinging on for dear life four days later – I find myself now wishing to retrace the lines when I get home. After all, for… Read More 

Who We Are and How We Keep Going

I’m listening to a guided meditation, back straight, eyes closed, when the deep, soothing voice in my headphones says, “if you’re feeling agitated, if you’ve got lots of thoughts and feelings today, that’s OK.” This is not a reference to the war in Israel. But of course that’s the source of my agitation, of my endless thoughts and feelings. The… Read More 

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