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A Delicious Blintz Recipe Inspired by Tzfat

Birthright Israel participant Susana Szegedi shares her savory blintz recipe inspired by her time in Tzfat on the trip. She describes being in the middle of a bazaar and seeing a man making blintzes and filling them with mouthwatering ingredients. Instead of the traditional sweet filling, this recipe takes a more savory approach and uses goat cheese, arugula, and watercress… Read More 
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Shavuot: How to Make an Israel-Inspired Sundae Bar

From cheesecake to blintzes to ice cream, Shavuot is all about dairy. What began as a harvest festival thousands of years ago now commemorates the Israelites receiving the Torah at Mt. Sinai. And from there, Jews worldwide celebrate with dairy delights and all-night study sessions. So, this makes Shavuot the perfect time to serve up a sundae bar, complete with… Read More 

Pop Quiz: Can You Name That Jewish Food?

What is your favorite Jewish food? Is it latkes with sour cream, falafel stuffed in pita covered with tahini, or a hot bowl of matzo ball soup? If you are like most Birthright Israel participants, your variety of Jewish foods expands once you've been to Israel. You start to get a taste for hummus, kibbeh, and shawarma, to name a few.… Read More 
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Apple Cider Glazed Baked Chicken Recipe

Nothing says fall more than a glass of apple cider and watching the leaves change colors. In our latest fall recipes, we're bringing you a delicious and easy apple crumble plus a pumpkin spice challah perfect for any gathering. And, for today's eats, we've got an apple cider glazed baked chicken that will melt your mouth. Our recipe calls for… Read More 

Easy Apple Crumble with Israeli Date Syrup

If there is one dessert you must add to your fall favorites, it has to be an apple crumble. It's a classic recipe that's the perfect dish for any family gathering. Whether you serve it at your Thanksgiving dinner or as a scrumptious Shabbat dessert, this apple crumble will sweeten anyone's evening. Plus, we've added a little Israeli flare to… Read More 

Slow Cooker Coffee Rubbed Beef Brisket Recipe

Passover 2023 begins the evening of Wednesday, April 5, and ends on Thursday, April 13, and there is no better main dish to serve than a beef brisket! For centuries, Ashkenazi Jews have been serving beef brisket on Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and Sukkot. Some say it is because it was an inexpensive cut of meat for the Jews living in… Read More 
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Purim Recipe Feature: Hot Fudge Hamantaschen

Purim 2023 begins the evening of Monday, March 6, and ends on the evening of Tuesday, March 7. Whether you're a fan of traditional hamantaschen fillings like raspberry or poppyseed, your taste buds won't want to miss this hot fudge filling. The filling recipe is composed of heavy cream, dark chocolate, and brown sugar to make it oh so decadent.… Read More 

Shavuot Lotus Butter Cheesecake Recipe

The Jewish festival of Shavuot initially marked the beginning of the harvest and now commemorates when the Israelites received the ten commandments and the Torah. In modern times, Jews began to eat dairy during Shavuot to celebrate the land of Israel flowing with milk and honey. Therefore, blintzes and cheesecakes have become all the rage. Birthright Israel Fellow and artist… Read More 

Recipe Feature: How to Make Homemade Hummus

Hummus has become the dip of all dips thanks to foodies everywhere and certainly Birthright Israel alumni who return home craving it. The creamy, tangy texture pairs well with anything from fresh veggies to pita. In the last few years, it has become so popular in the US that it was named the official dip of the NFL. However, as… Read More 

My “Just Amazing” Tahini Dressing Recipe

I get asked this question all the time: "what is tahini?" My answer is usually, "if you've had hummus, then you've had tahini. If you've had falafel (it tends to be a bit dry, so you add a sauce), that's tahini." At farmer's markets and while doing food demos at Whole Foods around New England, I often tell people that "Tahini… Read More 

Maple Diamant Cookie Recipe

Curious what a diamant cookie is? Well, diamant is French for diamond and a diamant cookie is usually referred to as a French butter cookie. The cookies are coated in coarse sugar which makes them look as if they've been coated in diamonds. Sounds delicious, right? Well, Birthright Israel Foundation is excited to partner with pastry chef and alumna Abby… Read More 

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