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A Message from Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks to the Supporters of Birthright Israel

Dear Friends, In decades to come, we will look back on 2020 as a watershed moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has already changed so much. We are in the midst of a public health crisis, an economic crisis, a race crisis, a law and order crisis, the ripples of which have been felt around the world. To rebuild what we have…   Read More 
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Birthright Israel: The Gift for the Jewish Future

A dangerous misconception exists; the Jewish people are oriented to the past. Our collective age, deep connection to ancient traditions, our lived memory of events centuries before our time, the image of Tevye singing, “Tradition!” and more sometimes belie the truth: We are not a people of the past. We are a people of the future.  In our tradition, we count up. Whether it…   Read More 

What Is Rosh Hashanah? 10 Key Facts to Know

The Jewish High Holy Days, also known as the 10 Days of Repentance or Awe, are approaching faster than three blasts of a ram’s horn. It’s time for us to let go of the old as we embrace the Jewish New Year. A time of reflection and renewal, the High Holy Days kick off with Rosh Hashanah, Hebrew for “head…   Read More 
Holidays Leadership & Supporters

Looking Forward: A Rosh Hashanah Message from Izzy Tapoohi

Each year as the summer winds down, the Jewish community prepares to observe the High Holy Days.  The evening breeze, the anticipation of fall, are all part of the build-up to Rosh Hashanah.  We enjoy the last minutes of summer, we prepare our children and grandchildren to return to school, we shop for dresses, ties, and shoes to add to…   Read More 

New Year, Blank Slate? Not for Us.

Rosh Hashanah is first referred to in our texts as Yom HaZikaron - the Day of Remembrance. It is not until the Talmud that the idea of the “new year” is even associated with the day, and liturgically speaking, many of our prayers describe Rosh Hashanah as one of memory - a reflection on the past rather than an aspiration for the…   Read More 
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Celebrate the Season with Sweet and Savory Shavuot Recipes

Whether you haven’t pulled an all-nighter since studying for your college exams or you stay up studying Torah every year, the Jewish festival of Shavuot is a smorgasbord of delicious food. The holiday is known, after all, as the Feast of Weeks. While blintzes and cheesecake are often the stars of the show, they’re far from the only Shavuot recipes…   Read More 

Quiz: How much do you know about Yom Ha’atzmaut

Every year Jews in Israel and around the world celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israel Independence Day. Yom Ha'atzmaut marks the establishment of the modern State of Israel. In many Western Jewish communities, Yom Ha'atzmaut is incorporated into Jewish calendars and followed by a public celebration. This all marks and of course remembers the original date when Israel's Declaration of Independence was…   Read More 
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Passover Recipes for Every Plate—and Every Palate

Spring has sprung. Passover is here and you’re already thirsting for the four promises of redemption. Although it’s tempting to think about reclining, everything will fall flatter than the bread of affliction without a little Passover planning. On Passover, we like to mingle the holiday’s greatest hits with a few contemporary recipes. Bubbe’s Matzah Ball Soup is a keeper, of…   Read More 
Holidays Leadership & Supporters

A Passover Message from our President & CEO

Dear Partners & Supporters, This year, instead of asking why this night is different from any other night, we may be asking ourselves, “why is this Passover different from any other in history?” The answer is that more people than ever before are sharing a “virtual” Seder with family and friends. In the true spirit of community and faith, we've…   Read More 
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Birthright Israel Was My First Taste Of True Community

I went on my Birthright Israel trip in 2011 at the ripe age of 19. Like many participants in this demographic, I was excited about the experience (who doesn’t love the rare gift of free travel?) and eager to explore my Jewish identity more. My Jewish upbringing wasn’t atypical for an American Jew; I went to synagogue on the high…   Read More 
Food Holidays

Recipe Feature: Israeli Salad

Let's add a little Israeli flare to Thanksgiving this year and serve a delicious Israeli salad. So many of our participants not only discover the history of Israel but the flavors as well, and we can almost guarantee that after their Birthright Israel trip, they love Israeli salad. What You Need 2 plum tomatoes, seeds removed and diced 1 bell…   Read More 

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