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An Open Letter to the Jewish People About Birthright Israel and Israel Education

On May 25, the first Taglit Birthright Israel participants since the pandemic’s outbreak landed at Ben-Gurion airport. The Covid-19 crisis confirmed many of Birthright’s essential values. In our isolation, we all felt the anguish of the loneliness Birthright counters with group trips and community consciousness. Ideologically, we lived Birthright’s lively Jewish, Zionist and liberal-democratic dance. We cherished the particular—safe homes,… Read More 
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The Battle for Israel’s Image: The Solution is to Bring People to Israel and as Many as Possible

We are in this battle and we lose time and time again, and not by chance. Let's start with numbers that do not work in our favor: Jews make up only 0.2% of the world's population, while one in four people in the world is Muslim. We will continue in countries in the Arab world that have been investing huge… Read More 
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Benefits of Becoming a Birthright Israel Parent

Welcome to Birthright Israel Foundation’s family and Mazel Tov on becoming a Birthright Israel parent. Since your child has returned home, we’re sure you’ve heard about all of the amazing things they learned and experienced. For many of you, your child may still be awing at spending Shabbat in Jerusalem or seeing the Western Wall for the first time. For… Read More 
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Birthright Israel to Motherhood: Marisa Obuchowski

In today's world, mothers are superwomen doing everything from taking care of the home and kids — all while juggling careers. More so, if you're a Jewish or Jew-ish mom, you're tackling all of the above while ensuring your children are proud Jews. Giving our children a strong connection to their Jewish identity is an even greater task today than… Read More 
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Information on Birthright Israel Trips Resuming & COVID‑19

On April 26, 2021, Birthright Israel announced it will resume providing the gift of an educational trip to Israel beginning in May. The decision to allow entry for tour groups was made by the government in wake of a successful nationwide vaccination campaign that has already reached more than 85% of eligible Israelis. In order to attend a trip, participants… Read More 
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Birthright Israel to resume trips for vaccinated Americans in May

Birthright Israel announced on Monday that it will resume trips to Israel beginning in May for all eligible adults from the United States who are vaccinated or fully recovered from the coronavirus. According to Birthright, dozens of trips are expected in May and June with more than 400 tour groups planned for July, August and October. The decision to allow… Read More 
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A Charitable Gift Annuity Supports Organizations You Love and Your Loved Ones

Supporting a Jewish organization that aligns with your core beliefs and values is an extremely rewarding proposition, but not if it comes at the expense of your children and grandchildren. Fortunately, at Birthright Israel Foundation, we offer a financial solution that lets you realize your philanthropic aspirations and support your family. With our planned giving program, you can rest assured… Read More 
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How Your Gift Can Become Your Legacy with Planned Giving

How do you feel about the future of the Jewish people? Worried? Hopeful? Unsure? At Birthright Israel Foundation, we feel excited. We know the future will be bright, as long as we continue to raise funds in the US so that nearly 50,000 Jewish young adults get to experience Israel and its people every year.  The life-changing, educational Birthright Israel… Read More 
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Donald M. Ephraim on Why Birthright Israel Should Be On Everyone’s Charitable Giving List

Birthright Israel Foundation is proud to count Donald M. Ephraim among its most generous donors in Palm Beach. His name for many in Palm Beach and the Chicago area will be familiar - Donald has been and is a very generous, active leader in both Jewish communities. For decades he has philanthropically supported numerous Jewish and secular causes, from the… Read More 
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Why Birthright Israel is My Top Philanthropic Priority

I am Michael Messinger and I am proud to serve as Chair of the Los Angeles Leadership Council for Birthright Israel Foundation. This past year, 2020, began my first full year in this role and I’m humbled by the dedication of the Greater Los Angeles community to partner with me and all our council members, to generously support Birthright Israel… Read More 
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My Hopes for the Future of Birthright Israel and the Jewish People

When my husband Ed became involved in Birthright Israel Foundation, I was less of a participant and more of a spectator. It wasn’t until several visits to Israel culminating in their 18th Anniversary Mission which took place in 2018, that I “felt it.” It was on that mission; I understood the passion that evolves from Birthright Israel Foundation. I have… Read More 

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