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Birthright Israel Summer 2024 Program Snapshot

Did you know that 1,888 Birthright Israel participants are in Israel right now, volunteering, interning, and participating in our classic 10-day trip, thanks to your ongoing support? These participants are among the 13,500 young Jewish adults taking part in Birthright Israel experiences this summer. Following a turbulent year on their college campuses, during which they faced unprecedented hatred for being… Read More 
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Must Watch Videos: Staff and Participants Hope for a Transformative 2024 Summer

Birthright Israel's summer season is officially underway, which means thousands of young Jewish adults are ready to volunteer, bear witness, and connect to their Judaism and ancestral homeland like never before. Thanks to your generosity, 13,500 Jewish young adults will participate in our program offerings (classic 10-day trip, Onward and Excel). As many of our participants prepare to leave their… Read More 
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Beyond Sightseeing: How Birthright and Onward Deepened My Connection to Judaism and Israel

I always knew that I was going to go on a Birthright Israel at some point in my life. Growing up, Hebrew school instilled in me the importance of Israel, but something deeper always stirred within. Even practicing for my Bar Mitzvah couldn't quench my thirst for understanding. I currently attend Tulane University, whose vibrant Jewish community kept me connected,… Read More 
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From Bagels & Lox to Blue & White: How Birthright Ignited a Lifelong Connection to Israel

Sam Permutt, a 2005 Birthright Israel alum, never felt a true connection to Israel or his Jewish heritage. In our interview with Sam below, he shares how a desire to learn more about the geopolitics of the region drove him to participate in a Birthright Israel trip. Little did he know the trip would catapult his involvement in Jewish life… Read More 
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Soul on Fire: How Birthright Ignited My Love for Israel and Led Me Home

When people talk about their Birthright Israel success stories, you’ll usually hear about someone who had no previous connection to Israel returning with a newfound love for their homeland. My Birthright Israel experience, however, only intensified my existing love for Israel, so much that it led me to make the life-changing decision of making Aliyah all on my own two… Read More 
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Volunteering, Exploring, and Questioning: An Unfiltered Look at Israel

I was 22 years old when I went to Israel for the first time on a Birthright Israel Onward program for two months in Haifa. I volunteered with the children of Eritrean asylum seekers at an NGO called Aleph. My relationship with Israel waxed and waned throughout the years, from being immensely proud of the only Jewish nation to being… Read More 
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From Fear to Light: How Birthright Israel Opened My Jewish Heart

My Jewish identity has always been complex, but my experience with Birthright opened my eyes to more joy than I could have prepared for. In Israel, I found a sense of independence and a deep connection to the land and people. I also found a friend who would become my husband and the father of our two boys. My introduction… Read More 
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Birthright [Israel] Trippers Find Visiting Israel During War Is a Unique and Invigorating Experience

When Alon Fishman visited Israel in early January on a group trip, it wasn’t his first time in the country. But Fishman, 23, had never seen Israel like this before. When his Birthright Israel group arrived at the Western Wall, they found it uncharacteristically empty, and the plaza featured a new memorial with the names of the 1,200 victims of… Read More 
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Birthright Israel Love Story: Amanda & Eric Rosen

Who knew a Birthright trip could lead to happily ever after? Not Amanda and Eric! Their story began amidst the sun-kissed landscapes of Israel, where a casual bus seat conversation blossomed into a love that would change their lives. Fast forward, and they're now a Seattle-based family with two bouncing sons and a furry friend named Penny, all thanks to… Read More 
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From Law School to Leadership: How Birthright Ignited My Jewish Purpose

As a third-year law student at the University of Florida, I am constantly facing existential crises. Why am I here? What career path is best for me? What will my future be? But amidst the swirling doubts, one desire shines brightly: the yearning to help my Jewish community and make a difference in our world. Law school seemed like the… Read More 
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Israel: Beyond the Headlines, Into My Heart (Thanks to Birthright)

Birthright was my first time in Israel, and in 2016, it changed my life. Since then, Birthright has become a vital organization in my life. Here's why: I embarked on my Birthright Israel journey when I was 19 years old with two close Jewish friends and 40 new lifelong friends I had not met yet. What I didn’t expect when… Read More 

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