As you gather with friends and family this Chanukah, we want you to be reminded of another modern-day miracle you have helped create — Birthright Israel. For over 22 years, your generosity has fueled this transformational program and helped 800,000-plus young Jews better understand their heritage and the State of Israel. Like the story of Chanukah that teaches us never to back down in the face of oppression, Birthright Israel’s goal is to help young Jews find confidence in who they are and to build lasting relationships with Judaism, Israel, and Israelis.

So, as you fry your latkes and sufganiyot and light your menorah, we hope the video messages from our Birthright Israel alums will further brighten your day and remind you of the light your generosity gives to young Jewish adults.

Chanukah Video Messages

Jordyn Tilchen, 2017 Birthright Israel Alum

Birthright Israel Foundation is proud to count pro-Israel activist and social media influencer Jordyn Tilchen as one of our alums. Her work each day on social media is a result of what she learned and experienced on her trip.

Isabel Allard, 2021 Birthright Israel Alum

If you have attended one of Birthright Israel Foundation’s events, you may have heard Isabel Allard share her trip experience. As a current college student, she sought to combat misinformation about Israel after returning from her trip.

Lauren Gruber, 2017 Birthright Israel Alum

Lauren Gruber and her family have made Birthright Israel Foundation a priority when it comes to their philanthropic efforts. Both Lauren and her brother Ethan are proud alums and work to help make Birthright Israel trips a reality for other young Jews.

A Chanukah Coloring Page

If you are looking for an activity for your kids or grandkids this Chanukah, check out our coloring page. It’s a great activity for any night of Chanukah!

Download Birthright Israel Foundation's Chanukah Coloring Page
Download Birthright Israel Foundation's Chanukah Coloring Page

Share the Light This Chanukah

When you continue to invest in Birthright Israel Foundation, you are ensuring that our flame never goes out. With your support, young Jews worldwide will walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and know firsthand the strength of the Jewish people. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today!