Colin Daly is a 2014 Birthright Israel alumnus who lives in Brookline, MA. He is one of the only hummus makers in New England, his profession and passion. Colin believes hummus is the best food globally because of the nutritional content and the low environmental impact chickpeas, tahini, and lemon juice have on the world. He shared, “I only see the growth for hummus in the next decade.”

Q&A with Colin Daly

What inspired you to sign up for a Birthright Israel trip?

Colin: “My younger sister went on Birthright Israel during college and enjoyed her experience. After coming back, she insisted I go. I decided I would sign up because I love to travel, explore and wanted to see what Israel had to offer.”

Did you have any preconceived notions prior to going to Israel? 

Colin: “I was going with an open mind. I wasn’t connected with anyone who had spent a lot of time in Israel, so I was just ready to explore and take everything in.”

Did you grow up with a connection to your Jewish identity?

Colin: “My father was a Holocaust survivor and immigrated from Ukraine as a refugee through the Jewish Federation in 1980. Because he grew up under communism, he could never practice his Judaism, and much of the traditions passed down were lost past WW2. Growing up, I knew I was Jewish but never had to opportunity to learn more about being Jewish until Birthright.”

What was your biggest takeaway from the trip?

Colin: “My biggest takeaway was that Israel is a very diverse, small country filled with so much richness in culture, food, and beliefs. On Birthright Israel, I was surprised that so many intense groups of people live together and cross paths daily.”

How has Birthright Israel played a role in your life since coming home from the trip? 

Colin: “After Birthright Israel, I continued on my path but always kept my trip in the back of my mind. Several years after my trip and my father’s passing, I wanted to explore more about being Jewish and Israel and decided to teach English in Rahat. I fell in love with the country, the food, the people, the landscape, and upon returning to Boston, I started a hummus company called Just Hummus. We sell B2B under our brand name to over 150 stores around Boston and New England and plan to continue expansion in the coming months.” 

Are you involved more in your Jewish community because of your Birthright Israel trip? 

Colin: “Birthright was a great starting point for me to explore my family history and my understanding of where Judaism fits into my life/beliefs. I have been more involved in the Jewish community and am always open to becoming more involved both as an individual and for my company.”

If you could meet the person who made your trip possible, what would you say to them? 

Colin: “Thank you for helping shape the rest of my life.”

Check Out Colin’s Tahini Dressing Recipe

Colin has generously shared a version of Just Hummus’ super popular tahini dressing recipe. This tahini dressing is perfect as a dip with your favorite veggies or as a dressing on your favorite salad. We suggest pairing it with an Israeli salad for a fresh addition to any meal.