Show Your Jewishness

As I write this, I’m looking at my hand, where scattered flecks of cobalt blue trace the outline of a Magen David. While this could be an ad for waterproof blue eyeliner – the pigment clinging on for dear life four days later – I find myself now wishing to retrace the lines when I get home. After all, for… Read More 

Who We Are and How We Keep Going

I’m listening to a guided meditation, back straight, eyes closed, when the deep, soothing voice in my headphones says, “if you’re feeling agitated, if you’ve got lots of thoughts and feelings today, that’s OK.” This is not a reference to the war in Israel. But of course that’s the source of my agitation, of my endless thoughts and feelings. The… Read More 
Events Leadership & Supporters

Birthright Israel Foundation Honors LA Community Leader & Philanthropist Steven J. Fishman

On Thursday, November 9, 2023, hundreds of Los Angeles Birthright Israel Foundation supporters gathered to honor lay leader Steven J. Fishman and hear the incredible news of the Arline & Buddy Pepp $1,000,000 match. We are grateful to our co-chairs, Lynn & Les Bider, Caroline & Michael Hackman, and Janice Kamenir-Reznik & Benjamin Reznick. The evening represented the community's unwavering support for Israel and demonstrated the… Read More 

Do Anything and Everything in Your Power to Help

Two weeks after the October 7th terrorist attack in Israel, I took to a stage in Miami and in front of 500 people screamed into the microphone, “My name is Julia Pratt and I am proud to be Jewish.” The events of October 7th shook me to my core. It was only two weeks after the bloodiest attack on the… Read More 
Alums Trip Highlights

Video: How Young Jewish Adults Are Assisting Food Rescue Operations in Israel

Birthright Israel Onward launched a volunteer program, the first of its kind, to assist Israel's food rescue operations during the Israel-Hamas war. Young Jewish adults, ages 18-40, are volunteering for two-week periods on Israeli farms and in agriculture centers. Within the first two weeks of launching the program, thousands of young Jewish adults applied. Many of the applicants are Birthright… Read More 
Alums Trip Highlights

Birthright Israel Taught Me About Jewish Unity and Connection

Just a few months ago I was in Israel for the semester during a fraught time in Israeli history with the democratic debate and protests surrounding judicial reform. You see, participating in Birthright Israel inspired me to live and study in a Jewish environment that met how I identify with Judaism: an Israel that is bright, boisterous, and confident. Birthright… Read More 
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Highlights from San Francisco’s Show Up for Israel

On Sunday, November 12, 2023, San Francisco donors attended our Show Up for Israel event supporting Birthright Israel Foundation. The event was chaired by Nancy Grand and honored Lily Kanter for her dedication to Birthright Israel's program. MAKE A GIFT NOW The evening's five speakers built a strong case for supporting Birthright Israel. We hope that their words and experience inspire our community's… Read More 
Leadership & Supporters

Bearing Witness to the Atrocities and Trauma Israelis Continue to Experience

Last week, I had the most impactful days of my life in Israel. I participated in a two-day solidarity mission to Israel with about a dozen international lay leaders of Birthright. It is so important to those who we met with that they share what they experienced and that, in turn, we all share what we learned as broadly as… Read More 
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Lyn & Barry Chasen Host an Intimate Gathering to Support Birthright Israel

On Tuesday, November 14, 2023, Birthright Israel Foundation supporters Lyn & Barry Chasen hosted an intimate and inspiring evening for their community in support of Birthright Israel's mission. Lyn opened the evening by showing gratitude to the nearly 300,000 people, including hundreds of Birthright Israel alums, who attended the March for Israel. MAKE A GIFT NOW Three Birthright Israel alums, Arielle Becker, Gabriella… Read More 
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Video: Energized Birthright Israel Alums at the March for Israel

On Tuesday, November 14, 2023, the Jewish community in the US had a monumental display of support for Israel. The March for Israel, the nation's largest pro-Israel rally, was organized with the firm conviction to remind the world about the kidnapped hostages and to confront antisemitism head-on. An impressive crowd of nearly 300,000 individuals convened at Washington, DC's National Mall,… Read More 
Alums Leadership & Supporters

Visiting Sites of the October 7th Massacre: A Personal Reflection

I've participated in and staffed dozens of trips and missions to Israel. This last one — a Birthright Israel Solidarity Mission that I staffed as part of my work as Israel Liaison for Birthright Israel Foundation — was the most meaningful of them all. We visited the South of Israel on the Gaza Border Region, which is today a closed… Read More 

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