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The Annual Palm Beach $100K+ Donor Reception Inspires All

On Thursday, February 16, 2023, Birthright Israel Foundation hosted its most generous philanthropists at the $100,000-plus level for the annual Palm Beach dinner reception at Cafe L'Europe. The evening opened with a warm welcome from our Palm Beach chair Ronnie Pertnoy. Guests were then joined by the Foundation's board chair, Phil de Toledo, who gave an important update on Birthright… Read More 
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Ronnie Pertnoy Opens the Next Chapter of Birthright Israel Foundation in Palm Beach

Now in its 10th year, Birthright Israel Foundation's Palm Beach Leadership Cabinet is entering a new era and is ready to lead the country in rallying support for Birthright Israel. As 2023 trip registration closed early due to the increase of applicants, which was up by 68%, and the 30% increase in cost per participant, the number of spots available… Read More 
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“Because of Birthright Israel, Judaism is completely infused throughout my life.”

Words cannot describe how dear Birthright Israel is to my heart. To understand why I have to give you context about me and my childhood. I grew up in Buckhead, an Atlanta neighborhood, and as close I was to the Jewish community, I had zero Judaism in my upbringing. I'm a sixth-generation Russian Orthodox Jew, but within the last two… Read More 
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Sharon & Simon Mendelson: The Birthright Israel Cohort is Our Future

Birthright Israel Foundation had the pleasure of speaking with donors Sharon and Simon Mendelson about their philanthropy and love of Israel. Simon, the newly elected Chair of Birthright Israel Foundation's Los Angeles Leadership Cabinet, looks forward to growing the network of supporters in his community. Sharon, whose mother is an 8th-generation Israeli, knows how special of a place Israel can… Read More 
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Birthright Israel’s education committee: Still updating after all these years

As one of the greatest Jewish educational interventions since the day school, the summer camp, the Zionist movement, the yeshiva and the Talmud itself, Taglit-Birthright Israel is often targeted. Critics stereotype Birthright’s Israel trips as the Jewish world’s big, fat, mindless, propagandistic frat party. But the caricatures clash: faultfinders have to choose between bashing Birthright Israel as a mindless romp… Read More 
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How Swabbing Through Gift of Life on Birthright Israel Saved a Life

Why did you swab for Gift of Life on your Birthright Israel trip? Billy Richman: "I never questioned it. There are not many Jews in the world, and it can be very hard for a Jewish person to find another with matching DNA. Anything I can do to help others, Jewish or not, is a no-brainer. I was just telling… Read More 
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Izzy Tapoohi to Retire as President & CEO of Birthright Israel Foundation

New York, NY — Birthright Israel Foundation President & CEO, Israel "Izzy" Tapoohi, announced that he will be retiring in December 2023. Izzy is committed to providing BRIF the time necessary to conduct a thorough search for his successor and to ensuring a smooth transition of leadership. "The last six years at Birthright Israel Foundation have been tremendously rewarding, both personally… Read More 
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Atlanta’s Bryan Lewis Talks All Things Birthright Israel

Bryan Lewis, a long-time supporter of Birthright Israel Foundation in Atlanta and a Birthright Israel parent, recently sat down with us to discuss the importance of firsthand Israel experiences and paying it forward. Bryan participated in the Foundation's donor mission this past summer, where he had the opportunity to meet participants of Birthright Israel and Onward. His son, Daniel, was… Read More 
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Meet Birthright Israel Alum & Supporter Brett Cooper

Brett Cooper is a 2009 Birthright Israel alum and Birthright Israel Foundation donor. He learned from his grandfather, Milton Cooper, that philanthropy is a must, as is taking care of the Jewish people. As parents, Brett and his wife Michelle hope that by paying it forward and helping other young Jews claim their birthright, they are making the world a… Read More 
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From IDF Solider to Birthright Israel Tour Educator, Meet Noa Tadmor

In 2004, Noa Tadmor was an IDF solider serving in Gaza when she was asked to join a Birthright Israel group as part of the Mifgash. Like many soldiers who are invited to join a trip, Noa was excited to have a few days off from her base and meet young Jews from the US. Noa felt a connection to… Read More 
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Birthright Israel Announces That Summer Trips From US & Canada Are Full, Forcing an Early Closing

New York — Birthright Israel announced that registration for summer’s 10-day educational experience in the Jewish state will close today, January 30th, due to elevated demand following the organization’s recent announcement of a reduction in the number of participants due to a 30% rise in cost per participant as a result of inflation. The organization reached its summer 2023 limit… Read More 

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