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Alums Send Messages of Hope and Love to Israel

As Birthright Israel alums, we are more than 800,000 strong, from 68 countries and we want nothing more than for our Israeli brothers and sisters to know we stand with them during these tragic times. We are devasted by the reports and images coming out of Israel right now. It’s hard to comprehend. We send our deepest condolences and prayers… Read More 
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Birthright Israel Foundation Honors Lily Kanter at November 12 San Francisco Event

Lily Kanter will be honored at Birthright Israel Foundation’s annual San Francisco fundraiser, Shaping Our Jewish Future: The Voices of Birthright Israel. Following the October 7, 2023, terrorist attack in Israel and the ensuing war, the program will focus on standing in solidarity with Israel. We look forward to happier times when the war concludes and when the streets of… Read More 
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Summer 2023 Birthright Israel Update

Summer 2023 is one that over 20,000 young Jewish adults will never forget, thanks to Birthright Israel Foundation's donors. The classic 10-day trip is an unforgettable educational experience that takes participants through Israel and opens their minds and hearts to what it means to be a proud Jew. During the trip, young Jews are united with Israel's history, land, and… Read More 
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Birthright Israel’s Journey to Becoming a Force for Positive Public Diplomacy

Birthright Israel embarked on a visionary mission two decades ago: offering a 10-day trip to Israel as a gift to young Jewish adults worldwide. Fast-forward 24 years, and the program stands as an unparalleled success, boasting 800,000 alumni from 68 countries, becoming a vital pillar in strengthening Jewish identity, connection to Israel and the Israel-Diaspora relationship. How do we measure… Read More 
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“Little Did I Know That the Five Days the Israeli Participants Joined Us Would Leave an Everlasting Impression on Me.”

Get ready to meet 2023 Birthright Israel alum Chloe Bogen in our interview below! Chloe, who grew up in New York and Florida, always knew she'd claim her birthright when the time was right. She also knew the trip would be extra special if she shared the experience with her college friends at the University of Texas at Austin. However,… Read More 
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Will They Fight or Flee? The Answer Is Up to Us

In December 1999, as the entire world was preparing for the impending doom of Y2K, I received a phone call that changed my life. A new, innovative idea had just launched with the goal of reversing the decades long trend of young Jews feeling less connected to their Jewish identity and to Israel. On the other end of the phone… Read More 
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Dear Donor: As a Person with a Physical Disability, I Never Thought a Trip Like This Was Possible

Dear Birthright Israel Foundation Donor: Growing up, I was raised as a reformed Jew. I went to Sunday school and synagogue, celebrated the different holidays, and had a Bat Mitzvah when I came of age. As a Jewish teen, I knew I wanted to participate in a Birthright Israel trip to be able to explore the environment and culture of… Read More 

What is Yom Kippur? 5 Key Facts to Know

Yom Kippur is considered the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. It falls on the 10th day of Tishrei, the seventh month of the Jewish lunar calendar. The holiday is preceded by Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and together they are known as the High Holy Days or, in Hebrew Yamim Noraim. Yom Kippur is a deeply meaningful and… Read More 
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Birthright Israel’s Impact on Israelis: Yael Fuks

I heard about Birthright Israel from my friends in the army who participated in the program. They said it was their best experience during their military service and that it changed their entire view of the Jewish Diaspora. I thought they must be exaggerating. It's only a few days, how significant can the experience be? Anyway, I decided to try… Read More 
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Lori Komisar & Morrie Silverman Host an Impactful Night in Chicago

On Thursday, September 13, 2023, Vice Chair Lori Komisar and Morrie Silverman warmly welcomed guests to a special event at their home dedicated to celebrating and supporting Birthright Israel Foundation (BRIF). The gathering brought together generous donors and newcomers eager to learn about the organization's mission. Lori Komisar began the evening with heartfelt remarks, sharing her and Morrie's strong support for Birthright… Read More 
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Stacy & Greg Siwak Host an Unforgettable Night for St. Louis Donors

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, St. Louisans Stacy and Greg Siwak hosted a gathering that brought together dedicated Birthright Israel Foundation donors, as well as those enthusiastic about getting involved. Stacy and Greg kicked off the event with heartfelt remarks, expressing their deep commitment to Birthright Israel and highlighting the profound impact these journeys have on young Jewish adults, such… Read More 

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