From cheesecake to blintzes to ice cream, Shavuot is all about dairy. What began as a harvest festival thousands of years ago now commemorates the Israelites receiving the Torah at Mt. Sinai. And from there, Jews worldwide celebrate with dairy delights and all-night study sessions. So, this makes Shavuot the perfect time to serve up a sundae bar, complete with your favorite ice creams and toppings. To make it extra special, consider using some Israeli-inspired toppings.

Let’s Get Started

Ice Cream

You might want to stick to classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to highlight the toppings.


Our favorites include chocolate and caramel.

Israel-Inspired Toppings

In addition to all the classics (chocolate bits, whipped cream, etc.), consider including these Israeli-inspired toppings to give your sundae bar Israeli flair.

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Delicious Recipes — for Shavuot and Year Round

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