One of the most important aspects of Birthright Israel trips are the Mifgash (encounter) who play a crucial role in the experience of the Diaspora participants. In this week’s edition of What Are Alumni Saying we want you to hear what participants and Mifgash are saying about their Birthright Israel trip!

“After my Birthright Israel experience, I saw Israel in a different light. The thing that surprised me most was how a lot of American Jews don’t experience Israel like I do – their view of Israel is what they see on the news. The majority of my friends on the trip told me that they didn’t understand a lot of things about Israel before the trip and I think this is the purpose of Birthright Israel – for young Jewish adults to see Israel through their own eyes. And for Israelis, Birthright Israel truly gives us an opportunity to see how much we do for our country. It is the best present for a young soldier, to really understand how we are defending our country.”
– Tom, Birthright Israel Mifgash Participant

“When you are a soldier, you understand the importance of your job to defend the home front, your friends and your country. My shared journey with Jewish friends from throughout the world strengthened me and helped me understand, in a deep and meaningful way, that what I am doing here is for the benefit of all the Jewish people.”
– Israeli Mifgash Participant

“Meeting the Israeli soldiers and having the full 10-day Mifgash has been such a surreal experience for me. It’s crazy how much we have in common, even though we live on separate sides of the world. My friendship with Shahaf will last far beyond our Birthright Israel adventure!”
– Harrison, Birthright Israel Participant