Parents Make a Difference in the Future of Birthright Israel

You may be aware that your child is now one of the 800,000+ alumni from over 68 countries. All of these young adults were given a no-strings-attached trip to Israel, thanks to Birthright Israel Foundation’s nearly 30,000 donors. What’s even better is you’re now one of the hundreds of thousands of Birthright Israel parents who benefit from this gift! You can help us continue to provide this life-changing experience by telling us what you think of the program.

Pay It Forward — Help Another Child

As parents of alumni, you can truly understand the impact of Birthright Israel. This impact is something we hope your child continues to reap the benefits of for years to come. However, as more and more young Jews are eager to visit our homeland, it’s vital to pay it forward.

With your support, we can ensure we always have the financial means to give the gift of Israel to every eligible young Jew. No matter how small or large your donation is, it can make a difference in someone’s life. Make a gift today and ensure Birthright Israel is around for your children’s children.

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“My daughter’s trip was special for me because it offered vivid exposure to Judaism that went deeper than our lifelong parent/child discussions and much-loved family traditions. Those are essential, but the ability to see and feel the history in the land where it started is unsurpassed.”

Rebecca, San Diego, CA
Birthright Israel Parent