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The Jewish journey of Birthright Israel participants doesn't end once they return from their trip! See the impact of the Birthright Israel trip firsthand from these Birthright Israel alumni. Although these young Jewish adults come from different backgrounds, they all share the same love, passion and commitment to Israel and the Jewish people thanks to Birthright Israel. Birthright Israel Foundation continues to raise the funds necessary to give this gift to as many young Jewish adults as possible, securing a strong and bright future for the Jewish people.

Many have have heard the Birthright Israel trip is impactful, but did you know 85% of Birthright Israel participants consider the experience to be life-changing? Learn more about the impact of the trip »

Meet Brooke

Brooke went on Birthright Israel in the winter of 2018. Although she didn't know much about Israel before her trip, she knew that it existed and that it's a place for the Jewish people to call home. Her expectations included meeting Israeli peers, going on hikes, learning about Israeli culture and eating hummus. Never did she think that her trip would be one of the most amazing experiences of her life. Growing up without much of a Jewish background, Brooke explains that she went into her trip "blind." She made long-lasting friendships, learned about her people's history and experienced a culture different than her own. Brooke's Jewish journey didn't end when she returned home, it was just starting. Birthright Israel is just the beginning of the road for hundreds and thousands of young Jewish adults just like Brooke.

Meet Lilli

Lilli went on her Birthright Israel trip in the summer of 2017. Growing up in an interfaith home, Lilli never really knew where she fit in. Although she knew that being Jewish was important to her, she never felt that she was able to practice in the way she wanted to. Birthright Israel opened her eyes and showed her that there were dozens of Jewish young adults just like her! She felt that her life and sense of belonging completely changed after her trip. Since coming home, Lilli now attends Shabbat services at Synagogue, keeps kosher, and makes it a priority to surround herself with more Jewish people on a day to day basis. She describes her Birthright Israel trip as a gift and feels lucky enough to have experienced such a life-changing journey.

Meet Doron

Doron is a former IDF soldier who participated on Birthright Israel as a Mifgash participant, and then went on to staff a trip. Now, Doron is studying right here in Boston. Unlike participants from the diaspora, Doron already knew everything there was to know about his country. However, what he did learn was how similar American Jews and Israelis are at heart. He realized he was not only fighting for Israel, but for the Jewish people around the world. The two groups formed bonds and created concrete relationships in just 5 days together. Doron believes that the Mifgash encounter truly makes a significant difference on this program. He thought he knew everything about Judaism, but Birthright Israel taught him so much more. It is the duty of Birthright Israel participants to continue engaging in a Jewish community and defending the common values that we all share.

Meet Sarah & David

Sarah and David participated in one of the very first pilot 27-32-year-old Birthright Israel trips. Sarah and David had previously learned about Birthright Israel back when they were in college, but life got in the way and they were unable to find the time to go. The day Sarah and David found out Birthright Israel was piloting a program for 27-32-years-olds they immediately got on the computer and signed up. The couple has a young son they never thought they’d leave, but once they got to Israel they knew they would carry this experience with them for a lifetime and pass down everything they learned to him. The 27-32-year-old trips have made the gift of Birthright Israel possible for those Jewish young adults who had previously missed out or were waitlisted. Now, even more young Jews can forge lasting connections to Israel at an important time in their life.

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