When Birthright Israel participants travel to Israel, many imagine they will spend 10 days in a desert. While they are partly right, they are astonished to discover Israel’s amazing landscape is as diverse as its people.

Let’s learn more about the Galilee.

In Israel’s northern region, pastoral green valleys and mountains define the area of Galilee. Participants have the opportunity to see beautiful waterfalls and streams, the freshwater lake of the Sea of Galilee, wildflowers, wildlife and fields of green. In this lush terrain, they can explore a region which they may have only read about in the Torah.

By walking the landscape of the Old Testament, participants develop a deeply personal connection to our homeland, and to our ancestors who came before us. It gives them the opportunity for meaningful deliberation about Jewish identity, spirituality, and a relationship with Israel.

Beyond beautiful land and ancient history, the region is also home to unique kibbutzim. These communities, once utopian agricultural enclaves, have expanded in the last two decades to represent a variety of religious, economic, manufacturing and industrial perspectives. When they visit kibbutzim, participants have the chance to explore a special part of our culture that is directly tied to both our recent past and our future.

When participants experience the diversity of Israel’s landscape and communities, they discover the confidence and pride that comes from embracing their Jewish heritage. And they return home with a lifelong connection to our stunning Israeli homeland.

“I remember reading about the Galilee in the Torah when I was younger. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d have the chance to literally walk where our ancestors did. It was unbelievably powerful to feel so connected to the ancient history of our people.”
– Amanda, Winter 2015