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With an annual fundraising goal of nearly $100 million and an average cost per participant of $4,500, Birthright Israel Foundation needs your support more than ever to provide this life-changing gift. Help connect young adults to their Jewish past and present—and ensure a strong, vibrant Jewish future.

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It’s About So Much More Than Hiking Masada at Sunrise

By raising funds to provide the gift of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel, we’re able to help offer an experience that not only fosters a lasting connection to Israel but one that also strengthens Jewish identity, communities, friendships, families, and more.

Watch How Birthright Israel Strengthens Jewish Communities Worldwide Following October 7

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Give a Gift With a Lasting Impact

85% of alumni feel that the Birthright Israel trip was a life-changing experience
84% of Birthright Israel alumni are raising their children Jewish
Birthright Israel participants are 93% more likely to be "very much" connected to Israel
Birthright Israel trips contribute $1.5 billion to the Israeli economy
Birthright Israel alumni comprise 800,000 Jewish young adults from 68 countries
Nearly 40,000 North American donors give annually to Birthright Israel Foundation
Every year, $175 million is raised globally to send nearly 50,000 participants to Israel
Alumni are 41% more likely to participate often in Jewish social events

Discovering the Past While Securing the Future

Since its inception, Birthright Israel has become the leading educational platform in the Jewish world. Your donations to Birthright Israel Foundation make it possible to send young adults on a life-changing educational trip that plants seeds of Jewish identity, community, and connection that will continue to bear fruit throughout each participant’s lifetime and for generations to come.

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Without your donations to Birthright Israel Foundation, this gift isn’t possible. Secure the Jewish future today by investing in this transformational trip for Jewish young adults.

3X MATCH — Donate Before January 1 and Your Gift Will Be TRIPLED 3X MATCH — Donate Before January 1 and Your Gift Will Be TRIPLED