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Securing a Jewish Future Through Israel Education

Helping today’s Jewish young adults in the Diaspora feel strongly connected to their Jewish heritage starts with helping them experience the land of Israel—its people, culture, religion, history, and more. This educational trip has been proven to have a lasting effect on Jewish identity, family, community, culture, and continuity.

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A Gift of Life-Changing Experiences

Birthright Israel puts Jewish young adults on the ground in the land of their heritage to experience life-changing Shabbatot, gorgeous mountain hikes, Israeli innovation, culinary adventures, Masada at sunrise, and so much more. With experiences built for self-discovery, Birthright Israel is a high-impact, educational, and experiential gift of a lifetime.

Experience the Culture of Modern Israel

Birthright Israel trips introduce Jewish young adults to their homeland to experience the thriving culture and values in the land of our past, present, and future. From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and everywhere in between, participants explore Israeli culture and values by celebrating Shabbat together, diving into Israel’s tech scene, experiencing Hebrew as a living language, and more.

Understanding the Global Impact of the Startup Nation

Israel’s immense technological contributions to the world are less known to young Jews today. We believe showcasing these characteristics is crucial to helping participants understand the country as a leader in global activism through hi-tech, pharmaceutical startups, agricultural tech, and much more.

Masada and the Strength of Our People

When participants reach the top of Masada, they learn firsthand the history of the mountain they are standing on. Here, they truly begin to understand the determination and cohesiveness of the Jewish people. They understand their very presence in this spot is incredible.

Explore the History of the Jewish People

In order to ensure a strong, vibrant Jewish future, Birthright Israel transports young adults to their Jewish past. From digging for artifacts to placing a note in the Western Wall (Kotel) to walking the narrow streets of Tzfat, participants visit important locations throughout Israel in order to learn more about the history of the land and the unbreakable thread of Judaism and Jewish peoplehood.

The Holiest Place in the World

Touching the Western Wall for many Birthright Israel participants is a dream come true. It is one of the most anticipated moments of the trip and a memory that never leaves them. Many young adults carry notes from loved one’s thousands of miles to be placed in the Wall. It’s here they understand and feel the heartbeat of the Jewish people.

After Thousands of Years, a Nation is Reborn

As participants make their way down Rothschild Blvd. and take in the cityscapes of Tel Aviv they approach the monumental Independence Hall. When inside they listen to the original recording of David Ben-Gurion declaring independence for the Jewish people and announcing the establishment of the State of Israel. Young Jews are transported back in time to fully understand the significance of the moment.

See Israel Through the Eyes of Young Israelis

What’s the best way for young adults in the Diaspora to experience Israel? Side-by-side with young Israelis, of course! Known as Mifgash, these Israeli peers give unique insight into what it’s like to be a Jew in modern Israel. Participants and Mifgash become lifelong friends who talk about all things Jewish identity, military service, religion, politics, and culture.

A Peer-to-Peer Learning Approach

Trip staff, otherwise known as Madrichim are crucial to a participant’s experience as an individual and in a group setting. Madrichim are trained to provide a peer-led leadership style that invokes comfort and confidence as Birthright Israel participants get more in touch with their Jewish identity and homeland.

Becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah: A Rite of Passage

A milestone many Jewish children look forward to is their Bar or Bat Mitzvah but for many young Jewish adults today, this moment never came. While on Birthright Israel as they are gaining a deeper sense of their connection to Judaism, many take advantage to have a B’nai Mitzvah ceremony atop Masada or at the Kotel. During this time, many choose to recommit themselves to the Jewish people.

Contemporary Israel

Today, Israel is a place of modernity and innovation, but it’s also a place that honors the origins of the modern state. From visiting Independence Hall in Tel Aviv to exploring Yad VaShem in Jerusalem, Birthright Israel participants learn and experience firsthand how a tiny Jewish state has grown into a powerhouse of innovation, culture, democracy, and more.

Diversity, Acceptance, and Self-Discovery

Birthright Israel centers itself on community, acceptance, and self-discovery. The rich cultural diversity of our Jewish homeland encourages participants to completely be themselves and interpret the trip as their own, allowing everyone to make the most out of this special journey.

Discussing the Geopolitics of the Region

While the Birthright Israel program is apolitical, we believe is it educationally vital to help young Jews learn about and reflect on the core issues in the region through a geopolitical module. Through the geopolitical lecture led by experts in the field, we introduce and discuss openly key issues necessary for understanding the region.

How We’ve Been Preserving Jewish Heritage for Decades

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When our kids come together on Birthright Israel, they share a unique bond...we aren’t investing in the program so they can hike Masada or float in the Dead Sea. We’re investing in their education to show them different perspectives. Birthright Israel is unlike any other trip our kids could take.

Amy Jaffee, Birthright Israel Parent

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The Birthright Israel Bounce

When Birthright Israel participants return home, they’re usually filled with a newfound love of Israel and connection to their Jewish roots and it is contagious. When the magic jumps from the participant to the parent, we here at Birthright Israel Foundation call it the “Birthright Israel Bounce.” 

It’s the parents who feel the effects of their child’s experience so deeply that—year after year—they pay it forward. Birthright Israel Foundation is grateful to this profound group of committed parents who donate in order to secure this gift and a vibrant Jewish future for all. 

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