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When you give to Birthright Israel Foundation, one of the leading Jewish organizations, you’re giving thousands of Jews around the world the opportunity to claim their birthright on a life-changing educational trip to Israel. Your gift ensures a vibrant future with stronger Jewish communities and deeper connections to Israel for generations to come.

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Since its inception, Birthright Israel and its participants have been studied by the Brandeis University Maurice & Marilyn Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies in order to gauge the long-term effects of the trip and how alumni relate to their Jewish identity and the world around them.

The Impact of Your Gift
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85% of alumni feel that the Birthright Israel trip was a life-changing experience.
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40% of participants are more likely to have friends who are Jewish.
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84% of Birthright Israel alumni are raising their children Jewish.
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Birthright Israel alumni are 93% more likely to be “very much” connected to Israel.
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Alumni are 41% more likely to participate often in Jewish social events.
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54% of participants say it’s important to marry someone Jewish.

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If you’re already supporting tons of Jewish charities, you’re not alone. But we value all donations — big and small because we’re a family. Most of all, we understand that when you make the concise decision to donate to Jewish organizations, you value the strength and determination of the Jewish people. However, we strongly feel that our decades of success make Birthright Israel Foundation the best Jewish charity to donate to and will forever change the lives of young Jews in the Diaspora. Don’t take our word for it? Then check out our stellar ratings on Charity Navigator and Guidestar.

Become a stakeholder in the Jewish future, build your legacy, and make an impact on the lives of 800,000 participants and counting.

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What Do Birthright Israel Alumni Have to Say?

From the first steps on Jerusalem stone to where I am today, my whole life path was changed because of Birthright Israel, and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Tori Green, 2014 Birthright Israel Alumna

Not only did this free trip to Israel connect me to the Jewish community, but it opened my eyes for the first time to earnestly learn about Jewish beliefs, culture, and traditions. What I once assumed was an antiquated religion, I now see for its long history of perseverance, progression, and universal wisdom."

Connor Jacobson, 2020 Birthright Israel Alumnus

As a special needs mom, it is hard to convey to others how special it is that Jonah has been able to do so many of the things that his peers are doing. When I met him at the airport after he landed at JFK and I saw the expression on his face as he embraced the Birthright Israel participants one by one, it was clear just how happy (and proud of himself) he was."

Stacey Geer, Birthright Israel Parent

I was born in Belarus into a family that had to hide their origins and Judaism for countless decades. I became very curious and started reading and doing research. I needed to understand where I came from. Unfortunately, I had no Jewish community around me. I didn’t have anyone to speak to…until I found Birthright Israel.”

Aliaksandra Sukharuchkin, 2010 Birthright Israel Alumna

The true impact of the work Birthright Israel Foundation is doing will not be understood for some time, but the immediate impact is clear. More people have connected with Israel and hundreds of thousands of Jewish people who have little connection with the Jewish community now do. My story is echoed by many that joined Birthright Israel with me."

Guido Weiss, 2008 Birthright Israel Alumnus

Going on Birthright Israel opened my eyes to a deeper meaning of what it is to be Jewish. It made me confident enough to come to a college where the Jewish population is practically non-existent and know that I can stand my ground for the Jewish people and the State of Israel."

Tori Shiver, 2018 Birthright Israel Alumna

It was important to me, not only to learn the history of Israel and its culture but also to gain an authentic outlook of what it means to be Israeli. Without these intimate one-on-one conversations with the soldiers, I would not have had the chance to see things from their perspective.”

Alexis Vance, 2019 Birthright Israel Alumna

Why Prioritize Birthright Israel Foundation?

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You have a strong connection to your Jewish heritage and want to help Jewish young adults explore where they come from

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You want to find a Jewish charity whose mission and values address issues close to your heart, including Jewish identity, community, culture, and continuity

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You went on a Birthright Israel trip and it changed the way you view your own Jewish identity, not to mention Israel, your community, and the world around you

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You want to help strengthen the ties between Jewish young adults in the Diaspora and Israel, its people, culture, history, religion, and more.

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You want to ensure that this transformational and educational opportunity continues to be available for generations to come

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