This summer, Birthright Israel is back and Israelis everywhere are saying Bruchim Habaim: “Welcome Home.” As trips resume after a pause due to the pandemic, young Jews in the Diaspora are not the only ones ready for the journey — Israelis are too! They play a crucial role in the Birthright Israel experience, from El Al flight attendant Ortal, to Luba the graffiti tour guide, to Bino, the owner of the famous Dr. Shakshuka. They, along with many others, can’t wait to show participants the real Israel. So, join us and watch Birthright Israel Foundation’s latest video and hear from the Israelis behind this life-changing experience

Did you know every Birthright Israel group consists of Israeli participants as well? Each group has several Israelis, known as the Mifgash part of the program. These young Jews are either young professionals or Israeli soldiers who experience a Birthright Israel trip has to offer just like their Diaspora peers. For example, Adi Wegrzyn, an IDF soldier, says that this is an experience she’ll most likely share with her children one day. Shavit Rootman, also an IDF soldier says that the trip helped him find his higher purpose: “I found a higher purpose in fighting for people such as my Birthright Israel friends and Jews around the world. Regardless of where we are born and the color of our skin, we all have one shared history.”

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