750,000 young Jewish adults from 68 countries have experienced the 10 Values of Birthright Israel and are forever impacted by each and every one of them. The program’s educational framework makes each journey unique and allows participants to explore their Jewish identity and Israel like never before.

Whether a young Jewish adult grew up with a Jewish identity or embraced theirs because of Birthright Israel, our values ensure this educational program provides a life-changing experience. The 10-values of Birthright Israel is explained by Dr. Zohar Raviv, Birthright Israel’s Vice President of Educational Strategy in the video below.

Dr. Raviv plays a pivotal role in shaping Birthright Israel’s educational philosophy, and also leads some of the global paradigm shifts concerning contemporary Jewish identity, associations with Israel and the overall mandate of Jewish education in the 21st century. 

Please note the video was filmed in 2018 and does not reflect Birthright Israel’s current participant numbers.