A huge highlight from any Birthright Israel trip is the hike to Masada. Participants wake up before sunrise, fill their water bottles and begin the ascent to learn about an incredible part of Jewish history. Many participants walk away feeling an overwhelming sense of Jewish pride and understanding of our collective past through their experience atop Masada. Whether it be exploring the ancient fortress or hearing how Masada is a symbol of determination and heroism from their trip’s tour educator, each person who experiences Masada through Birthright Israel is impacted in one way or another.

We could go on and on about how Masada plays a crucial role in the Birthright Israel experience but we’ll let you hear it straight from alumni instead!

Incredible views from Masada on Birthright Israel in 2018

“My favorite part about Birthright Israel was hiking Masada. It was hard (and slightly scary on the narrow paths down), but 100% worth it. To me, Masada represents the strength of the Jewish people and the preservation of Judaism in the face of adversity. Standing on top of the mountain and gazing out over the Dead Sea, watching the Israeli flag fluttering in the wind, was a profound moment for me.”
– Sydney

“It is impossible to pick on favorite memory from my trip, but Masada at sunrise, overlooking the desert made me feel so connected to my heritage and to the history that fills the dry air around us. It will also be an experience I never forget because of the people that made this trip everything it was supposed to be.”
– Sabrina

“My Birthright Israel group was so positive, upbeat and fully immersed in all the activities we had the opportunity to do during our time in Israel. Most importantly we all enjoyed seeing the sunrise at the top of Masada – it is something I will hold on to forever. Standing at the top, I thought of the beautiful country we as the Jewish people are able to call home and I feel nothing but pride.”
– Mollie

“Being Bat Mitzvahed on top of Masada in front of my entire Birthright Israel group just after watching the sunrise is something I will never forget. It was absolutely amazing and beautiful!”
– Amanda

“My second most memorable moment from my trip is Masada. Our guide said the acoustics at Masada were amazing. He wasn’t lying. An American and an Israeli in my group sang a duet of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. There were chills, there were tears, hearing that song in that location was beyond powerful and will be a memory I use to uplift and inspire myself going forward.”
– Alex