“My daughter loved every minute of the Israeli people, places, food, information and experiences. She went in convinced that while the trip would offer exposure to valuable historical and cultural insights, she’d be bored. Instead, she returned in awe. The group explored from sunup to sundown daily, and my daughter felt like no sightseeing stone was left unturned. The education was fascinating to her. Lastly, she has a better, deeper understanding of Judaism than I was ever able to convey.

My daughter’s trip was special for me because it offered vivid exposure to Judaism that went deeper than our lifelong parent/child discussions and much-loved family traditions. Those are essential but the ability to see and feel the history in the land where it started is unsurpassed!”
– Rebecca from San Diego, CA

“My daughter was not raised Jewish; but she always knew about her Jewish roots. Birthright Israel gave her the opportunity to learn about her connection to the faith beyond what she accumulated at our local Temple. I’ve heard that some treat this a free party…it wasn’t. My daughter has decided to join the Jewish faith officially in Israel.”
– Dan from Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“Any time my children love a Jewish experience, it is worth a million to me. I want them to be proud of being Jewish and have a community in which they feel comfortable for the rest of their lives. I want Israel and it’s existence to be important to them. THANK YOU 1000 TIMES! This has a huge impact on so many people and families that I know.”
– Ariel from Chicago, IL

“The trip was life changing. They both enjoy their trip beyond belief. They made friendships that will last for years to come. They saw incredible places that they wouldn’t have seen if it weren’t for Birthright Israel. They also loved the leadership from the people running their group…Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also plan on being a donor when I can financially make the contribution!”
– Daniel from Leesburg, VA