Each February Jewish organizations worldwide unite to raise awareness and promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities and mental health conditions. In 2009, the Jewish Special Education International Consortium announced that February would officially be Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion Month (JDAIM). Birthright Israel Foundation is proud to celebrate JDAIM and its endeavors.

How to Take Part in Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion Month

JDAIM reminds us to respect each other and celebrate our uniqueness, gifts, and personal strengths. If you are active on social media, you can share stories and resources with your followers by using the hashtag #JDAIM22. More so, you can learn how to be a better ally and advocate for the rights of all people with disabilities and mental health conditions.

Get Your Kids Involved

You can promote Jewish values and help your child understand the beauty of uniqueness by reading to them. PJ Library created a great list of children’s books to read during JDAIM. Another way to get involved is to encourage your children to start learning sign language. It’s a great way to improve nonverbal communication and opens the door to a new community for your child.

Birthright Israel Foundation’s Role in Accessibility & Inclusion

Birthright Israel Foundation believes that all eligible young adults should be able to visit Israel to experience their birthright. With the help of our donors, we’ve given the gift of Birthright Israel to more than 2,000 young Jewish adults with disabilities since 2001.

The Birthright Israel Trip for Young Jews with Disabilities

The Birthright Israel experience enables young Jewish adults with disabilities to discover a profound connection to the land and people of Israel, Jewish life, and one another. Groups have formed for disabilities such as American sign language, Asperger’s syndrome, cognitive and developmental disorders, physical medical disabilities, and 12-step recovery.

What Our Accessibility Alumni Say About Their Experience

“Prior to my Birthright Israel experience, most of the interactions I had with others with disabilities were with individuals with intellectual disabilities. On No Limits, I met people on my intellectual level, which allowed me to build deep bonds with all 12 group members on the trip as well as the staff.”
Aaron Kaufman
Chevy Chase, MD
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“Birthright Israel was such a great trip that I worry that my next trip to Israel won’t be as great. I definitely want to go back to Israel! I know without the Birthright Israel Asperger’s trip, I wouldn’t have been able to go otherwise, particularly with all the activities we did.”
Michael Fizek
Newton Highlands, MA
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“When I look back at my Birthright Israel experience, I feel proud and lucky. I feel proud because I pushed myself to try new things. If you know me, you know that leaving my comfort zone is often difficult for me, but throughout these ten days, I did things I never thought I could do and expanded what is in my realm of possibilities. It served as a reminder that I am capable of more than I realize.”
Naomi Hess
Clarksville, MD
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Naomi’s Experience →

Did you or someone you know participate in a Birthright Israel trip? If yes, we want to hear more about the experience. Alumni can play an active role in securing the future of trips when they share more on their experience and what they learned.

How to Sign Up for Birthright Israel’s Accessibility Trips

Are you or someone you know ready for the educational adventure of a lifetime? Birthright Israel is open to all young Jewish adults who meet the eligibility requirements. A variety of accessibility and inclusion trips are offered throughout the year – all you need to do is start an application!

Secure the Future of Accessibility & Inclusion Trips

You can play a role in the lives of young Jews and help them feel connected to Israel and the Jewish community by donating to Birthright Israel Foundation. Each accessibility and inclusion trip has increased costs to ensure the health and safety of all participants and to account for extra staff.

Consider making a tax-deductible gift today in honor of Jewish Disability, Acceptance and Inclusion Month.