Allow us to introduce you to Abigail Dahan, award-winning pastry chef, Birthright Israel alumna, and “Chopped Sweets” champion. Abigail or as you may know her on Instagram as “Abby,” participated in Birthright Israel in 2013. In the short video below Abby shares why she wanted to go on Birthright Israel and how the trip was in fact more than just a trip! Plus, she’s graciously provided us with a few mouth-watering recipes perfect for the fall season. So, after you’re done watching her video it’s time to try Abby’s Maple Diamant Cookie or this Pumpkin Streusel Coffee Cake recipe.

Do you want to learn more about Abby and put your own baking skills to the test? If yes, then you should check out The Bake School. Founded by Abby, her goal is to teach you solid pastry basics and techniques that you can use every day in your kitchen. 

More About Abigail Dahan

Abby grew up in Paris where food and desserts were a huge part of her life. Abby’s dad worked in French chocolate sales and her mom was and still is an awesome cook and baker. Abby was fortunate to attend one of the best pastry schools in Paris, Gregoire Ferrandi and she apprenticed at the famed Gerard Mulot. There, she learned to have thick skin and make a mean entremet. From banquets of 2,000 people in Orlando to competitions in Chicago, to ultra-fine dining at Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas, Abby eventually returned to her other home, Philadelphia, and put down roots. In Philadelphia, Abby worked for the ever-popular PARC Restaurant for seven years. Today, she founded The Bake School where she’s doing something she absolutely loves.