At the beginning of 2022, Birthright Israel announced its merger with Onward Israel. Onward Israel is an immersive 6-10 week internship program in Israel that provides college students with a resume-building experience. The internship also allows participants to build relationships with their Israeli peers.

What to Know About Onward Israel

Onward Israel’s Goal

Onward Israel aims to provide its participants with an immersive resume-building experience in Israel. The internship also features academic courses and fellowships. Participants will also gain an authentic taste of modern-day Israel.

Who is eligible for Onward Israel?

Onward Israel is for those looking for a second peer experience in Israel and a great follow-up program for Birthright Israel alumni. It is designed for Jewish undergraduates and young professionals between the ages of 19-27 who have previously participated in a peer program in Israel.

What is the impact of the program?

Since the program’s founding in 2012, over 12,000 young Jews have participated in Onward Israel.

What types of internships and programs does Onward Israel offer?

Onward Israel offers several different internships, work experience, and program offerings. The Career Passport program allows young Jews to take their work in the US and bring it to Israel for one month. In this program, young Jewish professionals will find a community of fellow Onward participants and Israelis. More traditional internships are also offered, such as New Media, Arts & Culture, Communications, Innovations & Start-Ups, and Government & Politics, to name a few. A variety of campus programs is also offered from various Hillels.

What Onward Israel Alumni Say About Their Experience

“My internship was in Tel Aviv City Hall at the Tel Aviv Foundation. Coming from America, my expectations for an internship were getting coffee and making copies. However, I was in for a surprise. They trusted me with real responsibilities. I helped develop the Foundation’s CRM system, sat in on board meetings, and researched donors in preparation for solicitations. They treated me like a full-fledged employee.”
Julia Pratt
Miami, FL
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“I learned about Onward Israel from the Harvard Hillel, as well as from friends who had previously gone on Onward. It was an incredible opportunity: I had the chance to intern at an economic research think tank, where I did meaningful research while living in Tel Aviv. It also meant, for the first time, I could experience Israel as someone who lived there, if only for a few months, rather than just as a tourist.”
Caleb Esrig
New York, NY
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“Living and working in Israel was truly my most amazing experience ever in my lifetime…I already felt a great connection, but now I can say I have an even greater connection and appreciation for Israel and the people.”
Abbie Barkan
Atlanta, GA
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