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How Birthright Israel Foundation Is Part of a Global Movement

Since it was founded over 20 years ago, more than 750,000 Jewish young adults from around the world have joyously claimed their birthright as part of a global movement to ensure a strong and vibrant future for the Jewish people. This educational and life-changing trip to the Jewish homeland is known as Birthright Israel. In the US, Birthright Israel Foundation…   Read More 
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Why the First Chapter in Any New Book is Critical

When I realized that reading did not come easily to my oldest daughter Yahel, who is now 7, my heart broke just a little. I knew with the right support she could catch up. It was never about her being the brightest in class. Or a competition of who could read fastest. I was sad for the world I wanted…   Read More 
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What Birthright Israel Participants Have in Common with Young Israelis

It may seem like Israeli and American Jews are worlds apart, but as Mifgash Shavit Rootman learned during Birthright Israel, we actually have a lot in common. When he stood with his group at Mt. Herzl, where fallen soldiers are buried in Jerusalem, he met another participant, an American Navy veteran. The two bonded over their reasons for service (Rootman…   Read More 
Alumni Trip Highlights

How I Found My Life’s Purpose On A Birthright Israel Trip

I am reminded of my Birthright Israel experience every day at work when I meet with donors and share my story. I attribute my passion for Israel and desire to do something for Israel to my Birthright Israel experience. It was during my trip that I found my life's purpose. It was those 10 days in 2015 that led me to a…   Read More 
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5 Ways Birthright Israel Helps You Embrace Your Jewish Heritage

Birthright Israel is truly a gift that keeps on giving. The Jewish young adults who we send on this free trip to the holy land return with a lifetime connection to their Jewish heritage. “I fell in love with Israel, the people, the culture, and what it stands for,” said Birthright Israel alumna Holly Millet. “I made Israeli friends, saw…   Read More 
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Discovering the Real Israel on Birthright Israel

Growing up in Massachusetts, my family went to temple every so often. I started going less and less after my Bar Mitzvah, even though we still celebrated Hanukkah. I heard about Birthright Israel through my mom and I was reluctant, but I was still interested. Initially, I looked at a general Birthright Israel trip, but as I talked with the organizers, they told me…   Read More 
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Recap: Birthright Israel’s Summer 2020 Initiatives

As the leading educational project of the Jewish world, our mission is to help young Jews form unbreakable bonds with Israel and their Jewish heritage. So, even though Birthright Israel trips are paused, the team has been quite busy. Watch the short video below to see how they are engaging young Jews throughout the world. Birthright Israel's 'Community Features' Secondly,…   Read More 
Alumni Love Stories

Birthright Israel Love Story: Nikki Labaschin & Joey Torres

In college, Nikki found community in her Birthright Israel family. So much so, when her class voted for superlatives, they named her most likely to be CEO of Birthright Israel. Although Nikki isn't the CEO, she did become a madricha for a Chicago Professionals trip. It was during this trip she met Joey, who she'd soon find out was her…   Read More 
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Navigating Life After Your Birthright Israel Trip

When alumnus Neil St. Clair first entered the workforce, his family encouraged him to hide his Jewish identity, “suggesting that if I want to succeed, I should not display my Judaism.” He didn’t identify publicly as a Jewish person for the first time until he was in his 30s. Married, with his second child on the way, he decided to…   Read More 
Alumni Love Stories

Birthright Israel Love Story: Courtney Barnett & Shahriar Sharifi

In 2014, when Courtney and Shahriar both boarded planes to Israel, they never imagined they'd met their future spouse. Courtney was living in Phoenix and Shahriar was living in Encino when they signed up and despite Operation Protective Edge going on Israel, they both knew this trip was too important to pass up. After falling in love on Birthright Israel…   Read More 
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Questions & Answers: The Meaning of a Bat Mitzvah at 23

I returned from my Birthright Israel trip several months ago now. There, I took advantage of the opportunity to have a Bat Mitzvah at the age of 23, during which each participant spoke about what they wanted to commit to from that day forward. Below, I reflect on this speech, discussing what my trip meant to me and how the ceremony connects my past, present and future.   “After being accepted to Birthright Israel and learning…   Read More 

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