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From Fear to Light: How Birthright Israel Opened My Jewish Heart

My Jewish identity has always been complex, but my experience with Birthright opened my eyes to more joy than I could have prepared for. In Israel, I found a sense of independence and a deep connection to the land and people. I also found a friend who would become my husband and the father of our two boys. My introduction… Read More 
Alums Love Stories Trip Highlights

Birthright Israel Love Story: Amanda & Eric Rosen

Who knew a Birthright trip could lead to happily ever after? Not Amanda and Eric! Their story began amidst the sun-kissed landscapes of Israel, where a casual bus seat conversation blossomed into a love that would change their lives. Fast forward, and they're now a Seattle-based family with two bouncing sons and a furry friend named Penny, all thanks to… Read More 
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Finding Love in Israel: American Jewish Married Couples Meet in The Holy Land

When young Jewish adults travel to Israel through trips presented by organizations such as Taglit-Birthright Israel or Jewish National Fund-USA, they are usually looking for meaningful connections to their heritage and religion. However, some participants on these trips found something more in addition to connections to Judaism and Israel: their bashert (soul mate). There are Jewish married couples in the… Read More 
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Birthright Israel Love Story: Rachel & Justin Fishman

Rachel and Justin Fishman met on their Birthright Israel trip in 2006. Neither of them thought they'd fall in love in a mere ten days. However, they did, and their experience still impacts them years later. Today, Rachel and Justin live in the Queen Village section of Philadelphia, PA, with their three children. All three of their kids play travel… Read More 
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How Our Birthright Israel Love Story Began and Why It Inspires Our Philanthropy

Sarah Fels and Corey Dicker have an inspirational Birthright Israel love story that spans beyond the 10 days of the trip. It is because of connections the two made from prior Birthright Israel experiences that they are married today. More so, the young couple has made Birthright Israel Foundation one of their top philanthropic priorities. The article below, written by… Read More 
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Birthright Israel Love Story: Megan McKee & Levi Snow

Levi Snow and Megan McKee do not have the traditional Birthright Israel love story. Before their trip in 2014, the two had already been dating and met through the Indiana University Hillel. Their journey helped solidify their love for her each other. They both signed up for Birthright Israel at the beginning of their relationship, not knowing what the future… Read More 
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Meet Melissa and Alex Block: An LA Birthright Israel Love Story

The Birthright Israel love story of Melissa and Alex Block was beshert from the beginning. Their story unknowingly began when Melissa volunteered to lead an LA-based trip in 2008, and Alex's plans of going on Birthright Israel with his cousin fell through. For Melissa, she was not initially leading the trip Alex was on. At the time, only a limited… Read More 
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Birthright Israel Love Story: Amanda Winer & Nathan Friedman

Warning, the below Birthright Israel love story of Amanda and Nate will bring tears of joy to your eyes and will put a massive smile on your face. They, like so many other young Jews, never imagined they'd find their soulmate on Birthright Israel. Amanda and Nathan, unknowingly at the time, signed up for a New York City community Birthright… Read More 
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18 People Who Found Their Soulmate on Birthright Israel

For over two decades, young Jewish adults have built a stronger connection to the Jewish people and the State of Israel thanks to the Birthright Israel trip. Many participants attend with hopes of meeting new friends and learning more about themselves... And, sometimes, to their surprise, they find their bashert. In Hebrew, bashert means destiny and is often used to… Read More 
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Birthright Israel Love Story: Rachelle & Max Kromash

Rachelle and Max both attended the University of Maryland, College Park where they unknowingly both signed up for the same Birthright Israel trip in January of 2015. It was on their trip, they connected and the sparks started to fly! Once Birthright Israel was over, they graduated from college and moved to Johnson City, TN so Rachelle could attend a… Read More 
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Birthright Israel Love Story: Stacy & Mark Hammerschmidt

Birthright Israel was, by far, one of the most incredible experiences we have ever had as individuals and, of course, as a couple. What you see and learn is unimaginable and priceless. For us, it was truly life-changing. We both always wanted to go to Israel, and, at the time, the age cut-off for our trip was 27-years-old. Mark had just turned 27,… Read More 

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