What do you get when three brothers claim their birthright and have the experience of a lifetime in Israel? You get triple the effect of what we at Birthright Israel Foundation like to call “the Birthright Israel bounce”. The Birthright Israel bounce is when the trip’s impact passes from the child to the parent and leaves an everlasting impression. And, for Cleveland’s Krantz family, that is exactly what happened when Drew, Tyler, and Spencer all went on Birthright Israel together.  

“My family is very close to my heart, so my brothers and I thought that Birthright [Israel] could be an amazing thing to do together…we were very excited to have this opportunity,” shared Spencer. Spencer, the youngest of the three, is a college student who shared that it is tough for him and his brothers to get together. Tyler and Drew, the oldest, are twins. Tyler lives in NYC, and Drew resides in Washington DC. 

Traveling to Israel together has become a Krantz family tradition that started when Tyler and Drew had their Bar Mitzvahs there alongside many family members. A few months after their Bar Mitzvah, their uncle, whom they were very close to, passed away. Prior to his passing, he shared with the boys that the trip meant so much to him. The tradition continued with Spencer’s Bar Mitzvah trip. Over time Israel became an incredibly meaningful place for the family.  

Spencer, Tyler, and Drew Krantz in the Old City on their Birthright Israel trip

Spencer, Tyler, and Drew enjoyed all Birthright Israel has to offer — they prayed at the Kotel, participated in lectures, and enjoyed the diverse landscape of the land. Coincidentally, all three brothers stressed the bonds they built with their Israeli peers. Tyler said that conversing with them and learning more about daily life in Israel really put things into perspective. “Coming back from Israel, it is easy to see just how good we have it. These soldiers are mandated to serve. They risk their lives for a country they love. They understand sacrifice and fighting for something bigger than yourself. It really puts things into perspective. The soldiers were so mature that I often forgot that they were our age.” 

Spencer even told us that traveling to Israel initially made him a bit uneasy, given the daily threat of terrorist attacks. However, his worries were set aside when he met the soldiers. “I couldn’t have felt any safer and more comfortable around the amazing soldiers we were paired up with,” he said.  

Drew was also grateful to get to know the Israelis on his trip. When asked how the trip has played a role in his life since coming home, he shared that he now has a new appreciation for Shabbat. For Drew, prior to Birthright Israel, Friday nights were like any other evening. Now, he thinks of Friday evening and Saturday more as a time to relax and reflect.  

Every Dollar Counts! Donate today and help send a young Jewish adult ona life-changing trip to claim their birthright.
Every Dollar Counts! Donate today and help send a young Jewish adult ona life-changing trip to claim their birthright.

Inspired by Their Children’s Experience

It’s easy to see why the parents were inspired by their children’s experiences. Their parents, Betsy and David Krantz were grateful the boys had such an amazing time. Soon after their children returned, Betsy and David made a gift to Birthright Israel Foundation. Betsy even joined the Midwest Ambassador Council to help inspire other parents to pay it forward

“I want to thank you all for giving them such a special experience that they will treasure forever. Our gift is to help continue this program, so other young adults get to experience Israel in such a special way,” shared Betsy. 

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