In a conversation guided by Dr. Zohar Raviv, Birthright Israel’s International Vice President of Education, we invite you to discover why this year is different from all other years. We encourage you to look deeper at the meaning of the Passover story, the incredible 10-day journey of a Birthright Israel trip and discover why 2018 is one of the most memorable years for the Jewish people.

The Seder itself is structured in a way to provoke questions of all kinds – from parents to children and children to parents.

Like the Seder, during the 10-day journey of a Birthright Israel trip we often encourage participants to ask questions. We strongly believe in the sheer power of the question in one’s path toward emotional maturity, intellectual integrity and depth of experience. Whether a participant is at the Kotel or Masada they are given the tools to dive deeper into the meaning of their personal narrative and Jewish identity.

We invite you to use the themes mentioned in this blog to spark conversations at your Passover Seder beginning with why 2018 is one of the most memorable years for the Jewish people.

2018: The Journey

As a people and a nation, we celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary, noting the true miracle of a revived, modern and sovereign Jewish homeland.

We rejoice in Birthright Israel’s 18th Chai Anniversary, having become a true game changer in the contemporary Jewish world and an emblem of a cutting-edge educational experience.

As always, but unique, is the Seder itself and us celebrating our exodus from Egypt.

All three events above are connected by the number 600,000.

When the Hebrews left Egypt to meet their G-d in Sinai they numbered 600,000.

On the eve of the establishment of the State of Israel, the Jewish population numbered 600,000.

In Birthright Israel’s 18th year we celebrate 600,000 young Jewish adults from around the world joining us in a life changing educational journey in Israel.

As in all Jewish rituals, the Passover Seder is about memory, commemoration and in the infusion of meaning.

How will you infuse meaning into your Passover Seder this year? Will you begin a new family tradition? Will you honor the memory of a loved one?

Ready to Continue the Journey?

Check out these 18 questions in honor of our 18th Anniversary! The questions are intended to spark conversation and inspire ideas at your Passover Seder.

1. Looking back on this year, what memory are you most fond of?
2. Roasted egg, maror, shankbone, karpas, charoset, which Seder plate symbol is the most important to you?
3. Besides Masada, where in the world is your favorite place to watch the sunrise?
4. How do you envision your Jewish future? The Jewish future of your family? Community?
5. What will you do this year to make a difference in the lives of others?
6. What is your favorite way to see Israel? By camel, bus or taxi?
7. Speaking of Pharaoh and Moses, what are some traits of a great leader?
8. Can you name Mitzvot or Jewish gifts you are most thankful for?
9. If you could pick anyone in the world to be on your bus, who would it be?
10. How will you create mindfulness in your everyday life?
11. If you could bring anyone to your Seder table, who would it be?
12. Can you think of an act of kindness that was once shown to you that you will never forget?
13. If you were given three choices for your last meal in Israel what would you choose? Hummus, Shawarma or Falafel?
14. Can you think of a person who has positively impacted you? What can you do to thank them?
15. Between the King David Hotel, a kibbutz, and the Bedouin Tents which is your favorite place to stay?
16. What is your favorite part of the Haggadah?
17. If you could only have one, Bamba, Bissli or Crembo?
18. Where do you think the Afikomen is hiding?

Make your Seder extra sweet and download Birthright Israel Foundation’s Seder plate guide here.