On Monday, March 27, 2023, Birthright Israel Foundation donors Lauren and Ilan Kempler hosted Israeli alum and tour educator Noa Tadmor to rally support for the classic 10-day trip. Lauren and Ilan opened the evening’s program with touching remarks about their passion for the Jewish community and Israel. Local South Florida alum and donor Risa Shiman shared how her trip nearly two decades ago still impacts her today. Miami Leadership Council co-chair Howard Socol gave a Birthright Israel update and made a case for support. Howard reminded those in attendance that the time is now to step up and support Birthright Israel when 20,000 young Jewish adults will be left behind due to a lack of funding and increased costs.


Noa Tadmor then spoke about her personal journey as an Israeli on the program and how the education comes to life for each participant. Risa and Noa’s stories made the case for why Birthright Israel is a crucial step in the lives of young Jews. The night ended with closing remarks from Lauren and Ilan, who reminded the guests that it only takes $4,500 to provide this gift to one participant and forever change their life.