On Tuesday, December 12, 2023, Lynne and Howard Halpern opened their home to fellow Boca Raton philanthropists and St. Andrew’s residents for a night of support for Birthright Israel Foundation. The event showcased Boca Raton’s dedication to Birthright Israel’s mission and commitment to Birthright Israel’s educational impact on the next generation.


Furthermore, the Halperns are committed supporters of the inclusion programs and were excited to host alum and Gen Z activist Brandon Farbstein. Brandon, a 2023 alum born with dwarfism, credits the program’s impact on his life and connection to Israel. Brandon’s moving testimony was followed by Foundation CEO Elias Saratovsky, who detailed his Southern Israel solidarity mission and vision for the organization. St. Andrew’s alum Dylan Monfried, touched by the experience, shared her personal story and growing dedication to Israel advocacy. More so, Dylan is advocating for the release of a fellow Israeli participant, Evyatar David, currently held hostage by Hamas.

These diverse voices are a testament to Birthright Israel’s 24 years of shaping Jewish futures. Thank you, Boca Raton, for amplifying their impact!