On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, Indianapolis supporters joined us for an evening to celebrate and support Birthright Israel Foundation. The evening was hosted by donors Diane & John Abrams, Laura & Matt Burton, Iliana & Irwin Levin, and Autumn Welz-Cook & Bob Schuckit. Midwest Ambassador Council member and host Irwin Levin opened the program by sharing how the trip has tremendously impacted the local community. Guests then had the pleasure of hearing from Joshua Abrams, who spoke beautifully about how being a participant and staffer deeply impacted his life and connection to his Jewish heritage.


Following Joshua, Birthright Israel Foundation Alum Ambassadors Arielle Becker and Tyler Scheff each shared how their ten days in Israel forever impacted their lives. Arielle teared up as she shared her experience of becoming a B’Nai Mitzvah at Masada and dedicating the ceremony to her grandfather. Tyler then spoke about how he never felt Jewish enough, and the trip allowed him to reconnect to his heritage and form lifelong friendships. Bob Schuckit, also a member of the Midwest Ambassador Council, closed the evening with a call to support the program.

Birthright Israel Foundation is grateful to our Indianapolis community for supporting our programs.

Photos from the Event