In this edition of What Are Alumni Saying This Week we are going to highlight participants of our Accessibility trips. Birthright Israel believes that every eligible young Jewish adult should be able to travel to Israel to experience his or her birthright. Since these trips began in 2001, there have been nearly 1,900 participants and more than 70 trips.

Here’s what they have to say:

“There were times I was curious to see how the itinerary would be adapted-wheelchairs don’t work in sand. But all of us were able to enjoy the beauty of the Dead Sea, a highlight of every Birthright Israel trip… those who needed help were carried down to the water in beach chairs. For me, the unique thing about No Limits: In Motion wasn’t about being in wheelchairs, it was that people who never would have considered traveling were able to have this wonderful, life-changing experience in Israel.”
– Emily

“As we explored the ruins and the view of Masada, I was overflowing with a sense of pride in being Jewish, and my newfound love for Israel nearly took my breath away. In that moment, I knew there was nowhere else on the planet I would rather be than on my Birthright Israel trip.”
– David

“My favorite moment of the trip was when we went into the desert and observed the stars in the sky and meditated to stories of Moses. It made me realize how vast the Jewish community is throughout the world and throughout history. It also gave me inspiration for my Bat Mitzvah the following day, where I spoke about how incredible it is to be part of the Jewish community and how I hope to contribute to it throughout my life.”
– Elizabeth

“My trip to Israel was really successful. Shabbat by the Kotel, dancing, kibbutzim, Bedouins… I am very grateful to all for the companionship, translating and for all the fun we had. I am very happy I could be with you in Israel. I have learned so many new and interesting things.”
– A Polish Participant with Down Syndrome