Birthright Israel dads are some of the program’s most devoted supporters and best fans. They know just how important it is for young Jews to see Israel for themselves and form bonds with the land and people. That is why we’re giving out a shoutout to Birthright Israel dads everywhere on Father’s Day and sharing a few reasons why they love the trip!

Discovering a Love for Judaism

Birthright Israel dad and donor Hal Philipson is grateful that three out of his four kids claimed their birthright. His daughter Cory never had a Bat Mitzvah but, after being in Israel, decided it was an important ritual she should take part in.

Corey Philipson Bat Mitzvah
Pictures from Cory Philipson’s Bat Mitzvah

“I don’t know if she ever intended to have one on this 10-day trip, but somewhere along the way, it became important for her to do it. Birthright Israel presented her the opportunity to explore what being Jewish means in her own context, and part of that was becoming a Bat Mitzvah.”
Hal Philipson
Parent & Supporter
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Making the World a Better Place

Richard Fain and his wife, Colleen, support Birthright Israel because of their daughter’s incredible experience on the trip. Jessica went on to live in Israel for three years following her Birthright Israel program. And from watching Jessica experience the beauty of Israel, they knew the trip had a vital role to play in the Jewish future.

“If you can help, and you believe in something, then you should do that. We are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to share in a small way in the community. I think it’s incumbent upon all of us and it makes our lives better, the lives of our children, grandchildren, and G-d willing great-grandchildren better.”
Richard Fain
Parent & Supporter
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The Chance to Build Relationships with Israelis

Proud parent and lay leader Howard Kivell wants all young Jews to participate in Birthright Israel to form their own opinions and experience Israel for themselves. He knows that when young Jews participate in Birthright Israel, they are given a better chance to understand Israeli society and speak as a primary source on various subject matters. The Mifgash, or inclusion of Israeli participants on the trip, lets young Diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews discover new things about both societies they may not be familiar with.

Melissa Kivell on her 2014 Birthright Israel trip
Melissa Kivell’s Birthright Israel group

“Their experiences meeting the soldiers was enlightening. They learned they were totally normal people, and the fact that my kids saw them as normal people and as Jews being soldiers was interesting for them, especially here in America, where the percentage of Jews in the American military is so small. They shared with me they were impressed by the fact that these were everyday people. It reiterates the importance of including Israelis in the Birthright Israel program.”
Howard Kivell
Parent & Supporter
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Happy Father’s Day from Birthright Israel Foundation

From all of us at Birthright Israel Foundation, we want to wish dads everywhere a very happy Father’s Day. We know that you inspire the next generation of proud Jews and play an essential role in ensuring the future of trips. And, to every dad whose child’s journey inspired them to pay it forward, we want to say a very special thank you.