My husband, Danny and I went on Birthright Israel in 2001 during our last year of undergrad. We immediately became good friends and maintained contact well after the trip was over. At the time we were both in relationships, but deep down we knew there was something special.

Nearly two years later we had moved on from those relationships and reconnected. Our first date was to a Dave Matthews concert, and the rest is history. We married in June of 2006 with an Israeli themed wedding to pay homage to the roots of our relationship.

Before our wedding, in April 2006 we traveled to Israel one more time together. Now, we live in Toronto and have three kids who are 10, 8 and 5.

I cannot express the love that Birthright Israel gave us for Israel and the incredible gratitude we have for the trip. Our Birthright Israel experience changed me as a person and fundamentally altered the course of my life.