Birthright Israel is thrilled to welcome 350 young adults from primarily the U.S. on our classic 10-day trip this month, marking the program’s welcomed return after a temporary hiatus following the October 7th terrorist attack. These participants will join the vibrant community of 850,000 Birthright Israel alums who have discovered their heritage and deepened their connection to Israel since the program’s inception in 1999.

Birthright Israel is Back!

When our first group arrived in Israel on January 2nd, one of their first stops was at a hotel in Tiberias that is currently being occupied by evacuees from the North. When the participants arrived at the hotel, Israeli guests applauded them for coming, encompassing them in song and dance. The mutual admiration was a memorable moment for all. The deep connection the Israeli community has with our program and our participants makes it even more meaningful and important for us to continue, even during trying times.

Our participants came to Israel now for a reason. Standing amidst the hills of Northern Israel this past week, Birthright participant Sara from Glenwood, NJ (featured below) shares what led her to Israel at this moment in time. As a college student, she knows that her newfound experiences from Birthright Israel will better equip her to challenge misconceptions and share a different perspective with fellow students.

Sara, January 2024 Birthright Israel Participant

Yearning for Community & Connection

During this crucial time for American Jewry, young Jewish adults across the Diaspora are yearning for a deeper understanding of their heritage and a stronger bond with their homeland. Birthright Israel answers this call. In addition to the core components of a Birthright Israel trip, groups will now participate in community service and humanitarian projects in Israel and will meet with individuals and families affected by the atrocities of October 7th.

These encounters, woven into the fabric of the program alongside exploration and cultural immersion, ignite a deeper sense of Jewish pride that extends far beyond the trip itself. Empowered by their experiences, these young adults return home equipped to combat misinformation and stand up for Israel.

The Need for Birthright Israel Has Never Been Greater

The need for the Birthright Israel experiences has never been greater. As young Jewish adults face blatant antisemitism and anti-Israel hatred on social media and their college campuses, the world may expect them to hide from their Jewish identity, but in fact, young Jewish adults are running towards it. We look forward to sharing our participants’ experiences with you once they return home.

With your support, these will be the first groups of many. We hope that you will join us in writing the next chapter in the story of Jewish resilience, one participant, one group, one Birthright Israel experience at a time. Make a gift and join our mission today.