Following the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel on October 7, Birthright Israel Foundation has been in continuous communication with our alums. We are assisting them in navigating misinformation, antisemitism, and anti-Israel sentiment that is prevalent on social media and college campuses. The larger Jewish community is privileged to have an active network of our alums who are leveraging their social media platforms to champion Israel and distribute factual information. We are so proud of our alums and invite you to join the conversation on social media and uplift the next generation.

On Thursday, October 26, at 8:30 PM, Birthright Israel Foundation Israel Liason and Geopolitical Lecturer Benji Davis will be speaking with influencer and pro-Israel activist Michael Valdes for an Instagram Live event. More so, before we dive into our list of alums to follow, IDF Reserve Soldier and Birthright Israel Medic Shemtov Holinger is going above and beyond to educate his American counterparts and their families through Zoom calls.

A Message from Shemtov Holinger

7 Birthright Israel Alums to Follow on Social Media

For inspiring ways to support Israel, we recommend following these Birthright Israel alums on Instagram. Every day this impressive group of individuals shares content supporting Israel and combats the misinformation flooding social media.

Eden Cohen, Founder of A Wider Frame

Eden Cohen is a 2009 Birthright Israel alum, co-chair of Birthright Israel Foundation’s 2023 Alum Ambassador program, and Senior Advisor to Former Special Envoy Noa Tishby. Years after her trip, Eden wanted to ensure the correct news surrounding Israel was reaching millennials and Gen Z, so she created A Wider Frame.

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Jordyn Tilchen, Influencer & Pro‑Israel Activist

Jordyn Tilchen, a 2017 Birthright Israel alum, says that this 10-day trip forever changed her life. Jordyn quickly realized the importance of being a proud Jew and standing up for Israel while on her trip. Today, Jordyn battles misinformation and antisemites on social media through comical posts and facts.

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Adela Cojab, Jewish Student Leader & Pro-Israel Activist

Adela Cojab is a 2017 Birthright Israel alum and co-chair of Birthright Israel Foundation’s 2024 Alum Ambassador program. Adela’s journey as an activist started after antisemitism on her college campus was rampant. Adela took matters into her own hands to protect her fellow Jewish students.

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Mandana Dayani, Activist & Entrepreneur

Mandana Dayani is a 2004 Birthright Israel alum, activist, and entrepreneur leading the way for women everywhere.

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Lisa Daftari, Journalist & Political Commentator

Lisa Daftari is a 2006 Birthright Israel alum whose journalism career highlights news out of the Middle East. Lisa has spoken about her Birthright Israel experience numerous times in her Los Angeles community.

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Lizzy Savetsky, Influencer & Pro‑Israel Activist

Lizzy Savetsky is a 2004 Birthright Israel alum whose life and career changed after her 10-day trip to Israel. Today, Lizzy frequent media outlets sharing the truth about Israel.

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Michael Valdes, Creator of Hot Jewish Energy

Michael Valdes is a 2023 Birthright Israel alum and co-chair of the 2024 Birthright Israel Foundation Alum Ambassador program. Michael uses his creativity on social media to speak up for the LGBTQ community and share his love of Israel.

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