As Birthright Israel alums, we are more than 800,000 strong, from 68 countries and we want nothing more than for our Israeli brothers and sisters to know we stand with them during these tragic times. We are devasted by the reports and images coming out of Israel right now. It’s hard to comprehend.

We send our deepest condolences and prayers to the bereaved families, the families of the wounded, and to those who have been kidnapped. The coming days will be extremely difficult, but the Jewish people and Israel remain resilient. We will prevail and the streets of Israel will soon again be filled with Birthright Israel participants.

How to Support Israel & Our Israeli Alums

It is crucial we show support to Israel and our Israeli alums. Here are two ways to show your support for Israel and to be loud and proud.

Speak Out on Social Media

Download and share our Birthright Israel Alums Stand with Israel images using the hashtag #birthrightstandswithisrael and show the world we will prevail.

Send Your Love to Israelis

Text and call your friends and family in Israel. Let them know you are thinking about them and pray for their safety. Let the Israelis from your group who are now serving on the frontlines know you stand with Israel and are thinking about them. Click here to send a message now and Birthright Israel Foundation will get your messages to Israel. We know they will make a difference in their darkest days.