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Alyce & Phil de Toledo On Birthright Israel and Jewish Continuity

For longtime Birthright Israel Foundation Los Angeles supporters Phil de Toledo and his wife Alyce, their everlasting commitment to the program is simple — they want to sustain Jewish continuity. The couple, who each grew up knowing they were Jewish but had very little connection to Judaism, first became involved in the LA Jewish community through the Wilshire Boulevard Temple.… Read More 
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“Energized and inspired”: After a year away, Birthright returns to Israel at a critical time

If you're in Israel this month, you can't miss the clusters of them downing falafel on Jerusalem's Ben-Yehuda Street, cooling off in the Dead Sea, climbing Masada at sunrise or slipping prayers between the stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. After more than a year of pandemic silence, the Birthrighters have returned with all the gusto of young adults… Read More 
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Easing Fears About Going on the Birthright Israel Trip Alone

We often hear that some Jewish young adults feel apprehensive when they first learn about Birthright Israel, but we promise this trip to the Jewish homeland isn’t too good to be true. The reason the trip costs nothing to participants is that it is a gift that keeps on giving. Every single Jewish young adult who claims their birthright helps… Read More 
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Information on Birthright Israel Trips Resuming & COVID‑19

On April 26, 2021, Birthright Israel announced it will resume providing the gift of an educational trip to Israel beginning in May. The decision to allow entry for tour groups was made by the government in wake of a successful nationwide vaccination campaign that has already reached more than 85% of eligible Israelis. In order to attend a trip, participants… Read More 
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A Charitable Gift Annuity Supports Organizations You Love and Your Loved Ones

Supporting a Jewish organization that aligns with your core beliefs and values is an extremely rewarding proposition, but not if it comes at the expense of your children and grandchildren. Fortunately, at Birthright Israel Foundation, we offer a financial solution that lets you realize your philanthropic aspirations and support your family. With our planned giving program, you can rest assured… Read More 
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How Your Gift Can Become Your Legacy with Planned Giving

How do you feel about the future of the Jewish people? Worried? Hopeful? Unsure? At Birthright Israel Foundation, we feel excited. We know the future will be bright, as long as we continue to raise funds in the US so that nearly 50,000 Jewish young adults get to experience Israel and its people every year.  The life-changing, educational Birthright Israel… Read More 
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Passover Recipes for Every Plate—and Every Palate

Spring has sprung. Passover is here and you’re already thirsting for the four promises of redemption. Although it’s tempting to think about reclining, everything will fall flatter than the bread of affliction without a little Passover planning. On Passover, we like to mingle the holiday’s greatest hits with a few contemporary recipes. Bubbe’s Matzah Ball Soup is a keeper, of… Read More 
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Unexpected Ways Life in Israel Has Influenced Jewish American Culture

Israel is a young country with a flourishing modern culture. You probably already knew that, but it comes as a surprise to some Birthright Israel participants. Many of these Jewish young adults, aged 18-32, don’t give much thought to life in Israel or Jewish living. After the educational and experiential Birthright Israel journey, they enthusiastically embrace their Jewish roots.  “Unless… Read More 
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My Hopes for the Future of Birthright Israel and the Jewish People

When my husband Ed became involved in Birthright Israel Foundation, I was less of a participant and more of a spectator. It wasn’t until several visits to Israel culminating in their 18th Anniversary Mission which took place in 2018, that I “felt it.” It was on that mission; I understood the passion that evolves from Birthright Israel Foundation. I have… Read More 
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Meet Boca Native, Lone Solider, and Birthright Israel Alumnus Brady Crane

Brady Crane is a 2018 Birthright Israel alumnus originally from Boca Raton, FL. After Brady's Birthright Israel trip he decided to make Aliyah and join the Israel Defense Forces. He now serves in the Nahal unit, one of the IDF's main infantry brigades, and lives at Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak in the Negev. Here is a little bit about Brady and… Read More 
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Birthright Israel Love Story: Jordy & Matthew Callman

We both fell in love with Israel from our first trips, me at 15 and Matthew at 20. As we got older, we wanted to share that love with others and both began staffing travel programs to Israel, including Birthright Israel trips and we are both Birthright Israel Fellows (from different cohorts). In December of 2016, we were both staffing… Read More 

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BIRTHRIGHT ISRAEL IS BACK: Trips to Israel are resuming this month and we need your help to FILL A BUS today. BIRTHRIGHT ISRAEL IS BACK: Trips to Israel are resuming this month and we need your help to FILL A BUS today.