On Thursday, November 2, 2023, Birthright Israel Foundation donors Cathy Selig Kuranoff and Steve Kuranoff, along with co-chairs Amy and Bryan Lewis, hosted a beautiful evening for Birthright Israel. The night was a true reminder of Atlanta’s passion for Israel and its dedication to Birthright Israel Foundation.


Guests enjoyed hearing how Birthright Israel unequivocally shaped Eden Cohen’s life, along with alums Daniel Lewis and Jeremy Leibell. We had the honor to listen to local alum Hannah Zale sing Hatikvah. Alums in attendance included Steffi Beigh, Jason Chaliff, Kat Shambaugh, Jared Seigel, and Kyle Simon, whom many of you have heard at previous gatherings. Each of their stories represents only a fraction of what Birthright Israel has accomplished in 23 years in Atlanta and beyond—imagine where we will be in another two decades.

Elias Saratovsky, President & CEO of Birthright Israel Foundation, followed the alumni stories, giving powerful remarks about his personal story and describing how our immersive Israel experiences will be vital to our young adults, especially those facing antisemitism on college campuses. He shared that when the war in Israel is over, it will be critically important to ensure that tens of thousands of Jewish young adults visit Israel. As the humanitarian needs of Israel are our priority, we are proud to announce Birthright Israel Onward’s newest volunteer experience in Southern Israel, which will bring young adults to Israel to help with food rescue operations this November.

Photos from the Event