On Tuesday, November 14, 2023, the Jewish community in the US had a monumental display of support for Israel. The March for Israel, the nation’s largest pro-Israel rally, was organized with the firm conviction to remind the world about the kidnapped hostages and to confront antisemitism head-on. An impressive crowd of nearly 300,000 individuals convened at Washington, DC’s National Mall, standing in unison with Israel. Thousands of Birthright Israel joined the peaceful protest. Our alums traveled from their respective college campuses or took time off work to stand with Israel on this historic day. In addition, among the attendees were donors of Birthright Israel Foundation, who joined with their local Jewish Federations for the March for Israel. This collective show of strength underscores the resounding unity and unwavering solidarity within our community.

Why Birthright Israel Alums March for Israel

Birthright Israel Foundation expresses its profound gratitude to The Jewish Federation of North America and the Conference of Presidents for their immense efforts in organizing the March for Israel. During what is arguably one of the most challenging and somber periods in our history, the resilience of our community is undeniably apparent and undeniably strong. It is with pride we share the news that the international leadership of Birthright Israel recently participated in a solidarity mission, enabling them to witness firsthand the devastating conditions in Southern Israel. In response to the significant humanitarian crisis unfolding there, Birthright Israel Onward launched a dedicated volunteer program focused on aiding food rescue operations in Israel. Our resilience, coupled with our unwavering Jewish pride, is our superpower. Am Yisrael Chai!

Photos from the March for Israel