Following the horrific October 7th attack, Birthright Israel Onward invited alums of all Birthright Israel programs and any young Jewish adult aged 18-40 to apply to volunteer in Israel. This program invites Jewish young adults to participate in the shared value of Arvut Hadadit (mutual responsibility) through volunteerism. In the video below, we invite you to meet several of the volunteers and learn more about the impact they are making in Israel.

Demand for the volunteer program has far exceeded our expectations. We anticipate having over 3,000 volunteers participate in the coming weeks and months. Hundreds have already participated, connecting with the land and people of Israel and making an immediate impact. We look forward to continuing this program alongside our classic 10-day Birthright Israel trips that will include volunteer components when they restart.

Volunteers in this program are integral contributors to the well-being and resilience of Israeli society while also forming enduring connections with the land and its people. Their participation creates a reciprocal bond that enriches and strengthens their Jewish identity and, more importantly, unites global Jewry in a collective commitment to the Jewish future through humanitarian assistance and community development.

In a world marked by adversity, it is heartening to witness the unbreakable ties that bind the Jewish community, transcending borders and uniting individuals from all corners of the world in a shared mission of support and solidarity.

With your support, the Birthright Israel Onward volunteer program will stand as a testament to the enduring strength and resilience of the Jewish people. Together we can not only rebuild our homeland, but we can build a generation of proud Jewish young adults with a strong connection to Israel.