A Note for the New Year

Dear Friends, In 2018, we have a great amount to be appreciative for. Personally, I am extremely thankful for the incredible opportunities I have had and will continue to have on behalf of Birthright Israel Foundation. Every day I have the unique privilege of interacting with some our generations’ most prominent Jewish leaders whose vision and resources are providing the… Read More 
Trip Highlights

Galilee: Discovering the Lush, Mountainous Green of Israel

When Birthright Israel participants travel to Israel, many imagine they will spend 10 days in a desert. While they are partly right, they are astonished to discover Israel’s amazing landscape is as diverse as its people. Let's learn more about the Galilee. In Israel’s northern region, pastoral green valleys and mountains define the area of Galilee. Participants have the opportunity… Read More 
Leadership & Supporters

Can Birthright Israel Truly Strengthen the Jewish Future?

You may have heard us say this before: Birthright Israel is strengthening the Jewish future. But What Does That Mean? In many ways, the Jewish future is a numbers game. The longevity of our people is tied to the number of Jews who embrace our heritage in the years to come, enabling our community to grow and thrive. For that… Read More 
Alums Trip Highlights

A Granddaughter’s Understanding

From an early age, I knew Israel was an important place. My mother’s parents had both survived the Holocaust. After World War II, my grandfather, a survivor of Auschwitz, volunteered in a displaced persons camp in Germany helping other Jewish refugees get to British-controlled Palestine. While my grandfather hoped to also emigrate to Eretz Yisrael, his one surviving family member… Read More 
Alums Trip Highlights

Welcome To Your Ordinary Birthright Experience!

A staff member observes how Birthright's Special Needs trips...aren't especially different from any other. Ben Gurion Airport, early in the morning, a group of young Canadian or American Jews ​get off the air-conditioned ​air​plane straight into the​ hot​ Mediterranean climate, tired after a long flight, on their faces ​a mixture of pressure and excitement ​is evident​. They place their suitcases… Read More 
Alums Trip Highlights

Philly Faces: Birthright Trip Inspired Career

At Adath Israel, a typical day doesn’t really exist, Julia Campbell said. Campbell has worked as the program and marketing coordinator at Adath Israel for just over a year. At the Merion Station synagogue, you can find the 25-year-old organizing events, meeting with staff, communicating with congregants and, right now, planning for the High Holidays, in addition to many other… Read More 
Events Leadership & Supporters Trip Highlights

Highlights: Our 18th Anniversary Mission to Israel

From June 24–28, 2018, we hosted our 18th Anniversary Mission to Israel and were joined by over 80 supporters who got to see, feel and experience the once-in-a-lifetime educational journey of Birthright Israel. The Mission kicked off with a Havdalah ceremony on the balcony of the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The following days were filled… Read More 
Alums Leadership & Supporters

Birthright Israel: Challenging Beliefs & Developing Foundations

During my time at Tufts University, I spent months considering whether or not to participate in a Birthright Israel trip. In weighing my decision, I decided that if I were ever to do Birthright I wanted my trip to be through an institution I knew would respect all sides of the geopolitical issue at play. As a recent graduate, the… Read More 
Leadership & Supporters

Birthright at 30? Organization Pilots Travel Experience for Older (Young) Adults

Some 2,000 young adults who thought they had missed the chance to travel on Taglit-Birthright Israel when they turned 27 – the regular program is for individuals 18 to 26 – are getting a chance to experience the touted 10-day free trip to Israel. This summer, and again in October and November, Birthright is piloting a series of trips for… Read More 
Leadership & Supporters

An Investment in the Future of the Jewish People

A year and a half ago I joined Birthright Israel Foundation as President & CEO. With me I brought a lifetime of business experience and an intense passion for the Jewish people and the State of Israel. In Israel, I saw the Birthright Israel program all over the country as buses drove by on the highway, logos were placed in… Read More 
Alums Trip Highlights

A Hamsa Keychain Changed My Life

Four years ago, I boarded a plane to take a journey with Birthright Israel. I had very few expectations. As a senior in college, the past President of a national Jewish sorority, and a member of the Chabad Student Board, I was confident in my Jewish identity. I was raised in a strong Jewish community, attended Hebrew School twice a… Read More 

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